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Business process automation (BPA) is the integration of technology to automate different business processes allowing businesses to increase productivity at reduced costs. Let the customized business automation solutions complete a range of tasks with 100% accuracy allowing your workforce to focus better on other high-value tasks. We at Antixx TechHub have been providing business automation software development and comprehensive consultancy service support for over the years.

business automation solutions provider company
#1 Business Automation Solution Development Company
Business Automation Services Company

Benefits of Hiring Business Automation Services Company

Process automation has become a must for businesses to compete with utmost efficiencies and performance while keeping the ROI at a sustainable rate. By hiring Antixx TechHub, the top business automation consultancy agency, you can expect numerous benefits of business process automation.

Cost reduction because of the elimination of unnecessary paperwork, labor, manual tasks, etc.

Productivity improvement because of streamlined automated communication and workflows while minimizing repetitive tasks.

Consistency in operations because the elimination of silos due to automated proactive actions and on-time informed decision making.

Accuracy in productivity and delivery because of access to data-driven insights about all the critical processes.

Improved Customer Satisfaction because of automated quick responses to address their concerns.

What We do as Business Automation Software Development Agency

Antixx TechHub is heading on a mission to become a single vendor for outsourcing almost all the business automation solutions available service support. The service portfolio under the automation category is expanding fast to help businesses outsource the best business automation solution development, integration, configuration, and management support services. We invite you to get the competitive and growth benefits of our time-tested expertise in:

Business Automation Software Development Agency

HR & operations Automation Software Development:

Automation plays a critical role in cost-effective operations management. Our tailor-made HR & operations automation software developers are well-versed to in developing and integrating the best solution to help you have a detailed look at productivity, work hours, workload, KPIs, and performance of teams and individuals.

Automated Project Management Solutions

Our project management automation support services and solutions help you complete and deliver complex projects faster at enhanced performance because of scalable and improved collaboration, workflow, communication, etc.

Automated Project Management Solutions
Automated Marketing & Sales Solutions

Automated Marketing & Sales Solutions

The tailored-to-need marketing and sales automation software helps you improve customer acquisition & retention by streamlining customer relationship management. We have expertise in developing data-driven automation solutions for marketing & sales to help you plan, monitor, and decide right decide better.

Finance & Procurement Automation Solutions

We have years of experience in developing and integrating customized finance & procurement automation solutions that automate, accurate, faster, and improve all the key processes of purchase, vendor management, pricing, supply chain management, orders management, etc.

inance & Procurement Automation Solutions
Robotic Process Automation Bots Development

Robotic Process Automation Bots Development

RPA bots developers analyze your business nature and requirements to develop the best suitable RPA bot program that helps you automate time-consuming tasks, data entry, generating quotes, updating CRM, processing leads, monitoring sales, and other business functionalities.

Automation Software Implementation

Hire Antixx TechHub for the implantation of business automation software developed by our knowledgeable business automation solution developers with a deep understanding of eliciting technical requirements, redesigning business processes, choosing the appropriate technology, etc.

Automation Software Implementation
Business Automation Software Development

Business Automation Software Development

Under this domain of business automation support services, we evaluate process automation solution requirements, detecting bottlenecks, conduct the feasibility study, test ROI calculation, add new integrations, implement required functional modules, etc.

Business Process Automation Consulting

Our business automation experts analyze automation needs for your business, evaluate the suitability to current business processes, elaborate an automation strategy, optimize features of business automation solution, design automated workflows, recommend the best tech techstack, etc.

Business Process Automation Consulting

Our Technical Excellence for Business Automation Solutions Development

We at Antixx TechHub have the best skill pool to leverage the advantage of advanced technologies solutions tools globally trusted and used for developing business process automation service solutions. We have the best-trained experts to incorporate the best suitable technology to maximize ROI on the integration of business process automation solutions:

Back-End Programming Languages

JavaScript, Python, PHP, Golang, Rust, TypeScript.

Front-end Programming Languages

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), HTML, React, Angular, Vue, jQuery, Swift.


SAP, SharePoint, ServiceNow, Power Apps, Magento, Dynamics 365, Power Automate.

Data visualization

Google Charts, Tableau,
PowerBI, QlikView.


Kubernetes, Selenium, Docker, Jenkins, Katalon TestOps, Azure DevOps, Chef, Jira.

Mobile App Development

Xamarin, Android Studio, React Native, Adobe PhoneGap, Flutter.

Cloud Databases, storage, and warehouses

Azure, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, Oracle.

Industries We Serve as a Business Automation consultant & Service Providers

During the journey since the inception of Antixx TechHub, we have served numbers of businesses in diverse sectors. We have wide exposure to the nature of businesses and their key concerns in a digital operational arena and marketplace. Our BPA specialists have a fair idea about ‘what, why and how’ to create and integrate the best solution for the particular business automation objective. The key industries we have served by providing business automation consulting and solutions are:


Monitoring network performance, media content delivery, billing automation, purchase order tracking, expense management, debt collection.

Banking, insurance & financial

Account opening, cost estimation, expense tracking, credit approval, customers’ background check, customer support service via bots, premium calculation.


Appointment scheduling, patient admission, record management, automated medical billing, payment automation, healthcare claims settlement, healthcare audits.


Inventory tracking, catalog management, warehouse navigation, reporting, return processing, customer self-service.


Asset inspection, Tracking product design processes, inventory tracking, equipment performance monitoring, work order management, quality control, safety measure management.

Why Choose Antixx TechHub for Business Automation Services

We have been providing tailor-made business automation solutions and support services over the years with focus on delivering the best at a competitive price. During the journey, we have served diverse business sectors by consulting, developing, integrating, and updating business automation solutions to their needs. The key aspects that make Antixx TechHub a distinctive business automation software developer agency are:

business process automation consultancy

Our focus to deliver maximum business automation value

Our holistic approach for customized business automation development

Our advanced technology and measures to safeguard your data and critical information

Our thrust on optimized implementation to minimize time and costs

Our industry-best managed support model

The ever-expanding service support portfolio showcase our innovative approach to infuse technical excellence by adopting the most advanced BPA technologies up to their full potential. The diversity in increasing clientele showcases our expertise to deliver 100% satisfaction as a business process automation consultancy and solutions provider.

We always try to be the best support to you as possible

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