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Antixx TechHub is the top-performing AWS services provider company with proven specialization in custom-to-need solutions for AWS Cloud migration of websites, databases, applications, storage, physical/ virtual servers, and data centers.

AWS Cloud Migration Services Company

What Is AWS Cloud Migration?

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the world’s most adopted cloud platform offering more than 200 featured services from strategically located data centers. Over the years, AWS has shown its exceptional capabilities in helping every size organization to migrate their workloads to the Cloud environment. It enables businesses to migrate any type of workload from any hosting facility, on-premises environment, or public cloud to AWS may it be websites, databases, applications, storage, physical/ virtual servers or an entire data center. The proven operational, organizational, and technical capabilities of AWS Cloud benefit businesses in different ways:

AWS Cloud Migration

Reducing unplanned downtime up to 69%

Infrastructure cost saving up to 31%

Improving infrastructure management up to 62%

AWS Offers Free Products To Make AWS Cloud Migration Affordable

The AWS Free Tier allows users to explore miscellaneous products at free of cost. It offers many products that are always free, short-term free trials, and free for 12 months:

AWS Migration Hub

Cloud Migration and Modernization, A single location for tracking the migration progress of an application.

AWS Application Discovery Service

Assess and Mobilize, Collects performance data, server-specific information, details of processes, details of network connections.

AWS Application Migration Service

Lift-and-Shift Migration, Simplifies and expedites migrations that reduce costs.

AWS Service Catalog

Product Catalog Management,Creates and manages catalogs of IT services approved to be used on AWS.

AWS Database Migration Service

Database Migration, Helps to migrate databases to AWS swiftly and securely.

AWS Offers Free Products To Make AWS Cloud Migration Affordable

AWS Migration Services We Use Up To Their Full Potential

AWS Migration Services

AWS Migration Hub

It allows the import of complete information about on-premises servers and applications as well as it allows for deeper discovery using AWS Discovery Collector or AWS Discovery Agent. The key features of AWS Migration Hub are:

Import on-premises server details

Strategy recommendations


Build a migration plan

Incremental app refactoring

Intuitive migration dashboard

AWS Migration Evaluator

It allows creating a business case for task-specific AWS cloud planning and seamless migration.The key features of AWS Migration Evaluator are:

Quick insights

Server dependency mapping

Business case

Inventory discovery

AWS Application Discovery Service

It allows analyzing on-premises server behavior n inventory to plan for seamless cloud migrations. The key features of AWS Application Discovery Service are:

Discover on-premises infrastructure

Measure server performance

Data Exploration in Amazon Athena

Identify server dependencies

Eight Benefits of AWS Cloud Migration

Why do you need to hire an AWS migration services provider company? The decision to go for AWS Cloud migration is a big one and, it involves organizational changes and investment. The key factors in an approach for AWS cloud migration are onboarding AWS migration experts and aligning AWS migration strategy with processes. The AWS Cloud migration managed services provider agency helps you go for AWS Cloud migration in a seamless manner under the defined budget while ensuring anticipated results. The 8 key benefits of AWS Cloud migration that our certified AWS Cloud migration specialists ensure are:

Cost reduction (IT operational savings)

Agility & staff productivity (Improved task-specific efficiency)

Security & resilience (Better governance and proven solutions for safe, streamlined testing, and improved security)ce

Use of End-of-life software (Enables to use end-of-life Microsoft products to migrate their databases and servers to the cloud)

Data center consolidation (Streamlined data center operations allow to focus on innovation and other valuable aspects)

Digital transformation (Transformed workflows powered by digital automation improve collective performance)

Improved scalability (Allows adding required resources and expanding cloud environment to meet the changing business goals and related needs)he cloud)

Integration of IoT and ML (machine learning) technology (AI and ML backed solutions help to overcome challenges related to scalability, data access, flexibility, and security)

AWS Cloud migration specialists

How We Migrate Your Application Workloads

A Being a top AWS Cloud migration agency , Antixx TechHub provides AWS Cloud migration solutions fine-tuned with analyzed needs to serve particular objectives. Our AWS cloud experts ensure a seamless transition with a range of AWS cloud migration support services to migrate your application workloads:


We migrate your SAP S/4HANA workloads to AWS Cloud ensuring more value of your SAP investments.


We migrate VMware Cloud workloads to AWS Cloud ensuring improved governance across on-premises or cloud environments.


We migrate and modernize mainframe infrastructure and applications to AWS Cloud driving innovation, agility, and cost savings.


We migrate your Microsoft workloads to AWS Cloud ensuring improved performance, enhanced reliability, greater security, and a lower TCO.


We migrate .NET applications to AWS Cloud to help you build high-performing .NET apps faster and easily through a simplified AWS learning curve.


We migrate Oracle applications to AWS Cloud to help you increase efficiency, reduce TCO, transform customer experiences, and drive innovation.

Our Approach to Provide AWS Cloud Migration Managed Services:

Discovery Phase

  • KT document creation
  • Server inventory collection
  • Migration hub setup
  • Dependency mapping

Planning Phase

  • Preparing schedule & release plan
  • Deployment of connectorsin datacenter

Migration & Cutover phase

  • Bug logging
  • Server Migration initiation
  • Sunset Datacenter
  • Testing and QA

What We Offer As AWS Cloud Migration Consultants & Solutions Providers

We are providing AWS Cloud support services and customized solutions over the years, as of today, Antixx TechHub has become a preferred choice for outsourcing objective-oriented AWS Cloud migration consulting and task-specific solutions. AWS Cloud migration services that we offer as a third-party AWS vendor are:

third-party AWS vendor

AWS Cloud migration training

AWS Cloud migration solution integration

Server migration to AWS

Database migration to AWS

Migration from Azure to AWS

SQL Server migration to AWS

Get in touch with our in-house team of certified AWS experts to migrate your workloads into a future-ready AWS Cloud environment quickly, securely, and with zero downtime. We also provide dedicated AWS migration consultants and AWS-certified developers for quick completion.

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