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Antixx TechHub provides end-to-end AWS Cloud Security solutions supported with value-added support services like AWS Cloud Security consulting and training. As a prominent AWS vendor, we have the best-trained skills to safeguard your cloud infrastructure by implementing cost-effective solutions.

#1 AWS Security Services Provider and Consulting Company

AWS Cloud Security - What Is It And Its Importance?

AWS Cloud Security services

AWS Cloud security is the top priority of organizations marching ahead with a competitive edge driven by the flexibility and scalability of the cloud. AWS helps businesses evolve identity, compliance, and security into all the key business enablers. AWS security is at the core of AWS infrastructure and offers advanced services to help businesses to address their particular security concerns in the cloud environment. Amazon provides an array of security services and features like key management, encryption, identity, and access management to support businesses implement their security policies. Amazon’s cloud infrastructure is certified for most compliance standards in the world but it doesn’t make all the workloads deployed on AWS compliant by default. The AWS Cloud Security services company streamlines cloud security posture management by integrating best security checks, aggregating alerts, and enabling automated remediation.

AWS Security Benefits

The benefits of AWS security integration, implementation, and configuration depend upon the perfection of AWS security solutions provider. We as one of the best AWS security services vendors have a dependable team of in-house certified AWS security expertshaving years of experience in ensuring the benefits of outsourcing AWS security consultancy , training, solutions, and support services:

Keeps the data safe

The AWS infrastructure has advanced measures integrated to protect your data and privacy. The data is stored safe in highly protected, threats detective, and secure AWS data centers.

Data storage in line with compliance requirements

AWS infrastructure has proven capabilities to manage dozens of compliance requirements your data storage and processing meets the relevant compliance automatically.

Save money

AWS facilitates businesses to cut costs by using its data centers that maintain the highest security standards without requiring managing your own data centers.

Scale quickly

AWS Cloud security allows scaling your data usage irrespective of its size. AWS infrastructure keeps your data safe.

AWS security consultancy

AWS Security Features

Amazon provides a next-generation secure infrastructure enriched with several built-in tools, encryption, firewalls, private connections, cross-service Transport Layer Security (TLS), etc. AWS Security takes responsibility only for securing infrastructure layer like the layers of managed support and service. Being a leading AWS Security consulting company with specialization in providing customized AWS Security solutions, task-specific AWS Security training , and AWS Security support services , Antixx TechHub has the best AWS certified experts with specialization in AWS Security integration, implementation, and configuration across network security, configuration management, access control and data security to leverage the benefits of each feature like:

best AWS certified experts

Infrastructure Security

AWS has built-in VPC network firewalls with private, dedicated on-premises, and off-premises connectivity options, automated global and regional traffic encryption between AWS facilities, and layer 3, 4, or 7 DDoS technologies for mitigation.


AWS provides built-in encryption for Simple Storage Service (S3), Elastic Block Store (EBS), Relational Database Service (RDS), and Redshift. The key feature AWS Key Management Service (KMS) provides independent key control with Server-Side Encryption (SSE) with ‘SSE with AWS KMS-Managed Keys (SSE-KMS)’, ‘Amazon S3-Managed eys (SSE-S3)’, and ‘SSE using Customer-Provided Encryption Keys (SSE-C)’.

Configuration management

AWS has built-in tools to manage changes and AWS resources as well as to get an inventory of cloud assets. AWS configuration management allows using infrastructure as code (IaC) templates to replicating tested secure configurations and using Amazon Machine Images (AMIs) for creating pre-configured, standard, or hardened VM (virtual machines).

Multiple Accounts

AWS Control Tower manages multiple teams and accounts to set up their environments.

Identity & access control

This AWS feature allows managing different user access policies to access service APIs, Amazon Console, and cloud resources. Identity and Access Management (IAM) defines roles and user accounts. AWS manages secure login through AWS Single Sign On (SSO) and AWS Multi-Factor Authentication.

Monitoring & Logging

AWS CloudTrail monitors cloud environment, API calls and console actions. Amazon CloudWatch feature provides tailored-to-need log data from Amazon services. Amazon GuardDuty identifies malicious and unauthorized activities faster by real-time logs analysis.

AWS Security Products We Integrate to Secure Your Infrastructure

AWS Security offers a range of products to help you meet your security objectives as per analyzed requirements. As a top AWS Security agency with years of impressive existence and experience of serving businesses of all sizes and nature, Antixx TechHub has proven capabilities and required skill to integrate, configure, and test AWS Security products:

Infrastructure Security

Network firewalls (built into Amazon VPC), Automatic encryption, DDoS mitigation technologies, Connectivity options.

Identity & Access Control

AWS Directory Service, federated access, AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM), AWS Single Sign-On (AWS SSO).

Inventory and Configuration Management

Deployment tools, Template definition and management tools, Inventory and configuration management tools.

Monitoring and Logging

Amazon CloudWatch, AWS CloudTrail, Amazon GuardDuty.

Data Encryption

AWS Key Management Service, AWS CloudHSM, SSE for Amazon SQS, Amazon EBS, Amazon S3, Amazon RDS, Amazon Redshift, Amazon ElastiCache, AWS Lambda, etc.

We Help You Implement AWS Cloud Security Best Practices

We are providing custom-to-need comprehensive AWS Security managed support services over the years. Our highly trained AWS Security professionals guide your team members to implement the best practices to further strengthen the security of your AWS workloads:

Limit Access to AWS Security Groups

Our AWS Security specialists train your managers to ensure that only the required ports remain open and provide access only through security groups. We guide them to use AWS Firewall Manager and AWS Config to automate VPC security groups configuration.

Centralize CloudTrail Logs

We ensure that AWS CloudTrail logs are written and encrypted to an S3 bucket for preventing deletion. We guide your AWS management team members to integrate logs with Security Information & Event Management (SIEM) solutions for centralized analysis.

Secure Access to different Cloud Resources

We help your AWS teams use Amazon IAM that enables you to grant access to APIs and cloud resources at different levels. We also train them to structure strong password policies that could prevent the use of recycled or weak passwords.

Encrypt Data

AWS Key Management Service (KWS) is a paid facility that allows creating own infrastructure for encryption or to employ a specific AWS defined Customer Master Key (CMK). AWS Security encryption feature uses AES-256 bit encryption.

Backing Up Data and systems

3-2-1 rule implementation to backup your cloud data and systems. We ensure that one of the two backups is stored on a non-AWS cloud service.

AWS Security Solutions and Consultancy Services Provided by Antixx TechHub

As an AWS official partner, Antixx TechHub provides the best cloud service package designed to meet your business requirements. Our AWS Security consulting specialists conduct an analysis of your infrastructure and conduct vulnerability testing to help you eliminate the identified issues. Our AWS Security consultancy, training, solutions, and support services, you can rely on, include:

AWS Security Solutions

Primary AWS security consulting

AWS security consulting for building fail-safe network infrastructures

Cloud scaling consulting

Analysis of existing infrastructure

End-to-end cloud security solutions

AWS secure foundation

AWS compliance monitoring

AWS security automation

AWS vulnerability analysis

Our managed AWS Cloud Security solutions provide integrated monitoring along with your security landscape. We provide cloud traffic coverage including on-and-off network, user-driven, and programmatic by devices in real-time. The powerful and custom-to-need AWS Security solutions are specifically planned and designed to keep your business processes undisturbed during AWS Security integration. Get in touch with our AWS Security support team to know - where and how we can help you have the best security cover for your organization.

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