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AWS Consulting Services To Help You Advance Your Business Applications And Infrastructure

Antixx TechHub, the leading ITSM, and data analytics company , provides results-delivering AWS consulting services with a difference. Whether you want to migrate existing apps, workflows, and infrastructure to the AWS cloud, want to build a custom solution or want to deploy task-specific state-of-the-art AWS cloud applications, Antixx TechHub has certified AWS expertise needed to serve your performance and data security objectives. As an AWS specialist agency , Antixx TechHub helps you make the most of AWS Cloud.

AWS Consulting

What is AWS? Why do Businesses Need AWS Cloud Services ?

AWS Cloud Services

Amazon Web Services (AWS), the most comprehensive and widely adopted cloud platform, offers more than 200 featured services from strategically located data centers worldwide. Its simple web services interface enables users to store and retrieve any amount of data on the web. AWS provides a virtual environment that enables you to load the services and software for your particular applications. AWS’s application hosting platform integrated into AWS Management Console allows businesses to host their applications securely. Millions of satisfied AWS customers include growing startups, enterprises, and government agencies with experience of reduced operational costs, improved performance in different verticals, enhanced data security cover, and other benefits.

Key AWS Components

Being a top AWS services agency , we at Antixx TechHub have the best in-house team of certified AWS support service specialists. We have proven capabilities to customize each component of AWS to serve your business objectives. The key AWS components that you can rely on to host your applications are:

Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3)

Its durable, secure, and highly available web services interface enable users to store and retrieve any amount of data from the web. It has the unique capability to store multiple redundant copies of data.

Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2)

It provides resizable computing capacity allowing you to define an Amazon EC2 virtual environment with the existing operating system, services, platform stack for applications, and databases required for hosted applications. IT provides a APIs and management console to help you manage compute resources.

Amazon CloudFront

It provides a globally distributed high-performance content delivery system to facilitate you easily distribute and stream content for your users ensuring high data transfer speeds, low latency, seamless integration with Amazon S, and no commitments.

Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS)

It simplifies setting, scaling and use of relational databases in cloud providing resizable cost-efficient database capacity it automates many complex database management tasks.

Amazon DevPay

The simple-to-use online account management and billing service simplify to sell applications built or running on Amazon Web Services.

Amazon Simple Queue Service (Amazon SQS)

It provides secure queuing and high-performance system to enable you to distribute work for faster application processes.

AWS services agency

Benefits of AWS Consulting: Why Do Businesses Hire AWS Consulting Vendors ?

The increasing numbers of AWS services users are strengthening the trust of more businesses in AWS products driving them to hireAWS consulting agencies . Our Amazon consultants have all the perfection to help you derive actionable insights from the data available on the cloud. The key benefits of embracing the power of AWS integration , implementation, and configuration are:

AWS consulting agencies


The user-friendly interface called AWS Management Console provides anytime access to a number of AWS services applications.


The highly secure AWS infrastructure ensure data privacy because using multiple data surveillance layers like event monitoring, data protection, threat detection, identity and access management, infrastructure protection, compliance, data privacy, etc.


AWS tools like Auto Scaling and Elastic Load Balancing allow computing and storage of resources with manageable scaling levels as per demand.


The scalable, secure, and time-tested global computing AWS infrastructure makes your data management more reliable.

Highly Performance Computing

High-performance computing (HPC) processes a massive data amount at high speed, which is crucial to improve productivity to compete in global marketplace.


Saves a lot of cost for businesses that they incur to manage long-term contracts and up-front commitments AWS consulting company helps businesses to pay only for the facilities that they use like storage capacity, compute power, and other resources.

Go Global Fast

AWS managed support service provider provides a roadmap and customized solutions to help you deploy your applications in multiple regions worldwide to tape your international customers and address their concerns.

How Antixx TechHub Helps You with AWS Consultancy Support Services

AWS consulting is an advisory function designed to help our customers design, build, migrate, and manage workloads on Amazon Web Services. Certified AWS experts at Antixx TechHub provide tailored-to-need AWS services to help you address your performance and operational concerns by integration, implementation, and configuration of AI-powered AWS cloud computing solutions . As the top-performing AWS solutions and consulting partners, we provide you a secure and compliant administration framework. The scope of AWS consulting services we provide with distinction include:


Development of customized AWS Cloud infrastructure and AWS Cloud Appx after assessment of business processes and objectives.


Implementing the AWS strategy for smooth migration of existing workloads to Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS).

AWS Compute and Scaling

Tailored-to-need AWS compute and scaling support services help you scale your backend operations to manage these effectively for improved performance.


Helping you deploy Amazon CloudFront to speed up the performance and delivery of APIs, websites, videos, and other web assets.

Operation and Usage

Helping concerned team members with strategic use of implemented and configured AWS Cloud services.


BMC Client Management allows providing pre-approved software and access requests to the end-user without asking them to visit websites or submit help desk forms.

Strategy Formulation

Preparing custom-to-need cloud solution strategy for seamless AWS implementation.


24/7 monitoring and real-time reporting of AWS Cloud functioning.


Securing cloud operation with monitored AWS Secure Managed Services.

Why Choose Antixx TechHub as Your AWS Consultant

Our AWS managed services to help you scale business processes dynamically giving all the processes a competitive edge. Years’ of experience in AWS consulting, AWS solution development, AWS implementation, AWS configuration and training makes us the preferred AWS consultant. By hiring Antixx TechHub for AWS consultancy and AWS managed support services , you can be sure of:

AWS managed support services

Guaranteed security of your data

End to end AWS consulting services for tailored-to-need solutions integration

Time-tested quality management system

Experience in designing, developing, and supporting AWS-based infrastructures

Experience in providing an array of ITSM services

Industry best experience with DevOps specialists with AWS certification

24×7 Support Availability of cloud support team

On time project delivery with assured cost-saving

Antixx TechHub is a renowned AWS consulting company in India having a dedicated team of experienced Amazon web services consultants and certified AWS developers to help you make the most of AWS computing capabilities by providing tailor-made enterprise-level solutions. Our Amazon web consulting services help you meet all the compliance and regulatory requirements. To get the details about how our AWS consulting can help you perform better, just get in touch with our AWS developers and consultants.

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