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Antixx TechHub, the leading BMC vendor , provides turnkey solutions and service support for integration, configuration, consultancy, and training of BMC Client Management. Being a leading BMC Client Management solutions company with years of experience, Antixx TechHub has a dependable team of in-house certified BMC experts to devise the best-fit BCM Helix solutions up to your needs and budget.

BMC Client Management Services

What is BMC Client Management?

BMC Client Management consultant

BMC Client Management optimizes the entire service management solution for providing automated comprehensive endpoint management delivering excellent service to all the end users irrespective of their roles while maintaining compliance, minimizing cost, and minimizing security risk. It improves end-user satisfaction and automates deployment for enhanced productivity and performance. BMC Helix Client Management helps to deploy OS and software faster for a particular device or user.

Business Challenges You Can Manage by BMC Client Management (BCM)

As businesses grow, Information Technology also faces many difficult challenges to manage. Some complex challenges that you can manage effectively by hiring a BMC Client Management consultant to provide are BMC BCM managed services:

As businesses grow, Information Technology also faces many difficult challenges to manage. Some complex challenges that you can manage effectively by hiring a BMC Client Management consultant to provide are BMC BCM managed services:

Tracking the hardware performance and software support services
Managing licenses for software in a cost-effective manner
Decreasing the possibility of vulnerabilities
Monochromatic website designInteractive storytelling web design
Supporting service desk for troubleshooting the issues and resolving these quickly
Low level Customer satisfactio
Low first-time fix rate increases service cost

Key Features of BMC Helix Client Management (BCM)


Helix BMC Client Management is getting wide-scale popularity of providing complete support that businesses need for controlling costs, managing compliances, reducing data vulnerabilities, and averting financial risks. Being a top-performing BMC channel partner, Antixx TechHub has the best certified BMC developers to help you use BMC Client Management features up to their full potential. The key features that make BCM Helix globally popular as an automated IT endpoint management solution are:

Intuitive client inventory management solution
Inventory management of IT assets (know about assets/resources you have, current usage, and potential for usage)
Ensures that all your devices are updated, functional, compliant, and secure
Allows accessing all the devices including those not connected via VPN
Provides self-service support for common actions, software downloads, and quick links through MyApps
Integrates endpoint management into service desk functionalities

Key Functionalities of BMC Helix Client Management (BCM)

Patch management

BMC Client Management allows assessment, management, deployment, and reporting of patches to secure systems and devices.

Device security

BCM views, controls, monitors, and updates all the major anti-spyware and antivirus software.

Comprehensive survey tool

It allows you to have enhanced understanding of customer satisfaction level and insights about continual service quality improvement.

Discovery & inventory

BCM automates inventory tracking for guided investment decisions; it reduces manual processes resulting in reduced errors and maintains compliance for all the devices.

Event management

BCM extends monitoring and specific alerting capability for proactive tracking, management, and automated remediation if an infrastructure event occurs.

Device management

BCM centrally defines and enforces device usage policies, controls upload/download activities, logs peripheral device events to act proactively, and audits unwanted events.

Mobile device management

BCM’s unified console manages mobile devices, checks compliance, pushes profiles, streamlines applications, and locks/wipes devices remotely.


BMC Client Management allows providing pre-approved software and access requests to the end-user without asking them to visit websites or submit help desk forms.

Applications and OS deployment

BMC Client Management centralizes and automates system deployment and migration without complex configuration ensuring minimal disruption.

Remote control

BMC Client Management controls users’ devices to get quick support from the service desk. It also enables for quick troubleshooting by addressing users’ requests, making changes, and resolving issues.

Policy compliance

BMC Client Management ensures that all the devices adhere to corporate polices, the latest regulations, industry-specific norms, in addition, it provides objective-oriented reports regarding audit requests.

Management of software license

BCM reduces audit failures by a deep understanding of software license usage. Its integration with the Flexera Application Recognition Library provides a software catalog.

BMC Client Management Components

The BMC Client Management software architecture has the following four components

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The BMC Helix Client Management client component is installed on clients. It operates independently of the master server and sends information regularly at defined intervals or when polled by a module or master.


The Helix BMC Client Management has two consoles to provide a graphical user interface for its management system and database. The first one is the Java console application through that enables you visualize all the collected data in a database it also enables to modify data of an object, create or delete objects, execute customized reports, execute operational rules, etc.. The second console is the ‘web console’ that enables to view inventory details of devices and taking actions to control devices.

Master server

Also called administration server, it contains database. It responds to requests from the consoles and executes database communication. It stores all the data sent by the client agents. While operating in real-time, it reacts to changes in the network and system components by changing and updating the respective objects.


It is an intermediate server used to balance network and resource load. Relays exist at different levels in line with network topology. Relays record transactions, configure a number of retries before abandoning and inform about the next higher level of an error.

How BMC Client Management Helps You Achieve Infrastructure Management Goals

The important ten goals for an organization's infrastructure management that you can achieve by BMC Client Management integration are.

Understanding and applying operational rules

Understanding agent rollout process

Managing inventory of a device/ device group

Collecting device inventory remotely via USB

Monitoring and managing installed applications

Evaluating IT environment compliance with rules and regulations

Automating distribution, installation, and configuration of enterprise software

Managing, updating, and downloading patches across the network

Implementing power management on client systems and monitoring power management events

Configuring and managing iOS mobile devices and mobile applications

BMC Client Management integration
BMC Helix Client Management

Five Modules of BMC Helix Client Management

Compliance Manager

Compliance Management, Power Management, Windows Device Management, Software Catalog, Software Catalog Updates, Security Configuration Updates.

Deployment Manager

Software Distribution Operating System Deployment.

Inventory Manager

Application Management.

Patch Manager

Patch Management Patch Knowledge Base Update.

Remote Manager

Direct Access.

Key Benefits of BMC Client Management

Automation reduces patch time up to 30%

Reduces deployment time for operating systems and applications up to 86%

Integrated profile migrations reduce service desk calls up to 80%

Reduces energy bills and reduces environmental footprint of PC energy consumption

100% ROI of BMC Client Management investment within 24 months

Benefits of BMC Client Management

Why Hire Antixx TechHub for BMC Client Management Support Services

Our unique solutions and support services for BMC Client Management enable you to deploy its capabilities as are needed while controlling costs, maintaining compliance, reducing IT vulnerability, and minimizing financial risks. BMC Helix Client Management consulting services by Antixx TechHub provide a comprehensive automated IT asset management suite of custom-to-need solutions and support services to help you discover, configure, manage, and secure all the IT endpoints. The tailored-to-need BMC Client Management consultancy and support services provided by Antixx TechHub can be categorized as:

BMC Client Management Support Services
BMC Client Management Training
BMC Client Management Solution Development
Discovery and Inventory
Device Management
Remote Management
OS and Application Deployment
Policy Compliance
Software License Management

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