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Being an authorized BMC channel partner, Antixx TechHub has dependable expertise in providing comprehensive BMC Control-M implementation, and configuration services for over the years. The leading ITSM agency with specialization in BMC Control-M consultancy, solutions, training, and services support helps businesses to improve productivity, performance, competitive edge, and customer satisfaction to achieve remarkable growth rate.

What is BMC Control-M?

Control-M BMC simplifies orchestration of application and data workflow either as a service or on premises. BMC Control-M configuration simplifies building, defining, scheduling, managing, and monitoring production workflows while maintain the best level of visibility, scalability, reliability, security, and SLAs (Service-Level Agreement).

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Benefits of BMC Control-M Integration, Implementation, and Configuration

When you hire Antixx TechHub as your BMC Control-M managed service vendor, we ensure you following key benefits to justify your decision:

BMC Control-M managed service
Improved the scalability and flexibility in cloud ecosystem
Simplified data pipelines monitoring and management with a 360-degree view
Enhanced capabilities to manage SLA issues at an early stage by using data-driven insights
Improved Dev and Ops collaboration
Reduced time for completing app development, testing, & validation
Identifying and managing defects and bugs at an earlier stage of any software development
Reduced costs and improved quality
Enhanced productivity because of freedom for virtual workflow orchestration
Predictive SLA delay detection because customized real-time reporting
Dependable support for Databricks, AWS Glue, Azure Data Factory, GCP Dataflow, UI Path, etc.

Why You Need To Hire BMC Control-M Services Support Vendor

BMC Control-M provides a comprehensive solution to manage complex application workflows more efficiently. The single platform helps your IT teams for data and applications orchestrating. The tailored- to-need BMC Control-M managed support services make big data workflow management more scalable to derive prediction-based decisions. Control-M 3rd party vendor improves operational capabilities to be consumed by Ops, Dev, and other business processes in different domains. BMC Control-M vendor helps you to:

Optimize workload according to predictive analytics
Minimize manual intervention for speedy process and reduced errors
Use historical database to resolve issues faster and improve service quality
Faster change requests up to 80%
Automate standards to improve performance of apps
View a graphical viewing of job as a service
Expedite file transfers for faster development
Collect data from RedShift, Hadoop, EMR, Snowflake, Spark, etc
Manage workflow across hybrid-cloud environment
Improve productivity by dependable connectivity with Android and iOS mobile devices
BMC Control-M Services Support

Challenges You Can Solve By Hiring BMC Control-M Service Support Provider

Why do you need to hire a BMC Control-M specialist agency ? Most product-led companies engaged in developing and managing automated digital solutions, task-specific software, mobile apps, and other projects simultaneously find scheduling the specific roles to the best fit professionals and managing the resources optimally a time consuming tedious task. The absence of a centralized monitoring solution is experienced by project leaders because these professionals find themselves engaged with low profile tasks instead of focusing more on high value tasks:

BMC Control-M specialist agency

By hiring a proficient BMC Control-M services provider, you get on the time excellent technical support to resolve the issues automatically. As being the # 1 BMC Control-M services company, Antixx TechHub offers a tailored-to-need Control-M integration support services including virtual and onsite BMC Control-M training to maximize your ROI for BMC Control-M implementation.

Key Eleven Features and Components of BMC Control-M Version 9.0.21

Being a dependable BMC Control-M consultant and solutions and training provider agency, Antixx TechHub has the best trained and experienced BMC specialists to configure each of BMC Control-M components and features. The top eleven BMC Control-M functionalities, features, and components you can rely on to improve productivity, performance, and profitability are:

Control-M MFT

Provides file management capabilities, Directory Listing Incremental transfer, Show file transfers, Advanced search in Control-M Web.

Multi-cloud Integration

Application Integrator integration with any Google service Automate SSL (TLS) certificate updates.


Allows to transfer files to/from external sources supports High Availability in active-active mode supports LDAP integration.

Java (JDK) support

Verified with Oracle Solaris, Azul JDKs, and Open JDK, allows the use of JDK 11 for Control-M/Agent, M/Server, Application pack, and MFT.

Control-M Reports

Saving reports in .xlsx, custom filters values to run reports, Trend analysis, custom formats to customize date and time of reports.

Migration Flow

Allows to migrate to a new account using an of the available options.

Control-M Automation API

Job types & connection profiles, Retrieves information on SLA services, Central Connection Profile, Role-based Authorization, SSL certificates management.

Control-M Web

Available for ‘Self Service’ usersprovides complete development life-cycle support from planning to troubleshooting helps to manage day to day operations.

RBA (Role-based Administration)

Allows teams to have complete control and autonomy to manage their stack professionally allows Control-M Administrators to control administrative tasks.

CCP (Centralized Connection Profile)

Helps IT organizations for faster disaster recovery and to reduce TCO of management connection profiles.

Application Integrator enhancements

Support Control-M variables, allows to work with a single job type, Audit annotation, allows to add more values during a job type edit.

Services We Offer as the Top BMC Control-M Consulting Company

As one of the top BMC Control-M consulting and solution companies Antixx TechHub offers comprehensive support services for BMC Control-M integration, implementation, and configuration. We have the best in-house BMC Control-M experts to understand your business requirements and to devise the best objective-oriented solution. We offer a range of custom-to-need value added BMC Control-M support services:

BMC Control-M Licensing

Understanding business requirements, presentation of the best suitable solution.

BMC Services Analysis

Detailed analysis report,Expected value of Control-M solution.

BMC Control-M Integration

Web Svcs, Cloud, SAP, Java, Oracle ERP, Oracle PeopleSoft, Oracle BI, IBM, Storage Management, JCL Verification, etc.

BMC Control-M Support Services

Scope of BMC Control-M service support.

Upgrading Control-M Agents

Control-M 21 (September 2022).

Control-M BMC Training

Virtual training for BMC Control-M orientation.

BMC Control-M Implementation

Planning, auditing of infrastructure, preparing, analysis designing, development, deployment, validation.

BMC Control-M Post-Installation Support

Turnkey managed service support.

Why Hire Antixx Techhub for BMC Control-M Integration

We have been the top performing third-party vendor for BMC Control-M Integration, implementation, and configuration. Over the years, our expertise has nurtured by serving a number of clients in different business sectors. Antixx TechHub works with numerous clients across the globe to facilitate them adopt customized BMC Control-M solution at ease without disturbing the ongoing processes. Choosing us as your BMC Control-M implementation partner gives you many reasons to be your favorite BMC Control-M service provider:

Understanding of specific business needs because of project-tested technical expertise

Perfection in customizing BMC Control-M components - one-stop solution for BMC Control-M adoption

Expertise in deploying BMC TrueSight solutions to existing IT infrastructure within timeline

Expertise in deploying BMC Control-M to existing IT infrastructure within timeline

The best skills to train your professionals to leverage the benefits

Dependable technical support to help you use the solution up to its full potential

Agile approach to ensure 100% customer satisfaction

BMC Control-M Integration

We always try to be the best support to you as possible

Qualify your leads & recognize the value of word your customer will love you.