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Antixx TechHub, the top performing BMC Helix Digital Workplace consultancy and services company in India, has years of experience in providing tailored-to-need . BMC Helix Digital Workplace solutions The dependable BMC Helix Digital Workplace support serviceshelp organizations to get the best ROI for adopting BMC Digital Workplace for improving performance and productivity. The in-house team of BMC Digital Workplace specialists has deep insights into using the features and functionalities of Helix Digital Workplace up to their full potential.

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What is BMC Helix Digital Workplace?

Adopting dependable technically advanced workflow automation solutions is a need of the hour to stay competitive with business goals in mind. Helix BMC Digital Workplace addresses the challenges of Service Desk performance and workload by integrating a hybrid workforce operating outside of the traditional office. BMC Helix Digital Workplace integration frees employees to focus on other valuable tasks from anywhere and at any time. BMC Helix Digital Workplace supports businesses to improve employee productivity, customer experience, and workforce agility by connecting and unifying different systems through a consumer-like flexible user interface. The tailored-to-need BMC Digital Workplace solutions empower businesses to resolve technology issues proactively in a user-friendly manner. BMC Digital Workplace (BMC DWP) was previously known as BMC MyIT and BMC MyIT Service Broker. Support for BMC MyIT Service Broker (Version 20.17.02) ended on 01-Sep-2022:

BMC Helix Digital Workplace integration

The Latest Version of BMC Helix Digital Workplace & What Is New In It

BMC Helix Digital Workplace 20.02.03: Patch 3 was released on March 5, 2021 with several improvements, updates, and additions in many critical areas.

Additional status filters
Granular configuration for auto-cycle banners
Remedy connector supports
Display of the User ID field
Additional language support
Action button icons for requests and approvals
Restart for failed service requests
Exporting only the latest revision of services

Why You Need To Embrace BMC Helix Digital Workplace: The challenges

According to IDC, nearly 45% of repetitive tasks are managed and processed by digital coworkers. Employees tend to spend almost 30% of their daily working period for searching desired information.

Consistent improvement in productivity and employee engagement has become a top challenge for most businesses, especially in a new normal after the pandemic. With the growth, organizations need to automate, customize, and deliver advanced tools for providing the information to their employees that they need. It is a critical challenge for organizations to support their employees by providing a ‘self-service catalog’ so that they could take care of their needs, arrange the desired support, and stay productive. In a traditional legacy environment enforcing a sprawling service catalog, it is difficult to provide a responsive environment for proactive engagement with natural language understanding:

Embrace BMC Helix Digital Workplace

Features of BMC Helix Digital Workplace

Features of BMC Helix Digital Workplace
Digital Workplace-as-a-Service It provides omni-channel intuitive conversational experience to end-users beyond the web to Slackbot, SMS, Skype, and Chatbot
Consumer-like shopping experience Its simple interface enables employees to get the required information faster
Workflow and automation It facilitates for drag and drop workflow customization allowing to deflect routine help desk calls to decrease level-one ticket costs
Built-in starter catalog It offers a number of services out-of-the-box with preconfigured SRDs (common service request definitions)
Powerful connectors It offers a number of connectors for integration into prominent platforms and industry services like Atlassian JIRA, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Azure, and others

Benefits of BMC Helix Digital Workplace

Benefits of BMC Helix Digital Workplace
It delivers consumer-like experiences for a number of business units
Its modular framework adapts to both employee and employer requirements
It allows employees to quickly resolve their issues by getting the desired information through multimedia-enabled knowledge articles provided in a way of their choice
Its unifying enterprise service catalog empowers organizations to ensure that their employees get the required information instantly and independently to be more productive
Its personalized interface for using virtual agent or chatbot using natural conversational language helps employees to maximize their productivity
It enables organizations to organize and provision the services and tools for their employees ensuring a personalized experience through personalized bundles, virtual marketplaces, banners, and more
Its proactive automation services help organizations to increase productivity and reduce the workload on employees
It addresses all the issues faced by organizations to address the varying needs of a multi-generational workforce for collaboration and communication
Its embedded cognitive capabilities revolutionize employees’ experience irrespective to a channel they choose
Digital workplace reduces operational costs because of hybrid approach that supports and encourages virtual collaboration instead of face-to-face in-office interaction

The Integration Solutions That Drive Additional Value from BMC Digital Workplace

Being the leading BMC Helix Digital Workplace company providing consultancy, training, solutions, and support services, Antixx TechHub has proficient BMC architects & developers to provide custom-to-need BMC Helix Digital Workplace integration solutions designed with a wide scope:

Connect BMC Digital Workplace to AWS Service Catalog (To import services from the AWS Service Catalog)
Connect BMC Digital Workplace (DWP) with Microsoft Office 365 (To send notifications for events and import services from MS Office 365)
Connect BMC Digital Workplace (DWP) with BMC Remedy ITSM (To create and update actions with BMC Remedy ITSM)
Create Coupa requisitions from BMC Helix Digital Workplace requests ( To create a Coupa requisition from a BMC Digital Workplace request with project variables, questions, fields, & map requests)
Connect BMC Digital Workplace (DWP) with Flexera (To importing catalog items from Flexera application manager and link the Flexera data sets to the parameters used by a process workflow)
Connect BMC Digital Workplace Catalog with Microsoft Active Directory (To perform operations for groups, computers, and users via the LDAP protocol)
Connect BMC Digital Workplace with AWS Marketplace connector (To enable internal service suppliers and catalog administrators for provisioning AWS EC2 instances)
Manage Microsoft Exchange Groups from BMC Helix Digital Workplace (To create a mailing list (Exchange Group) and add/remove users)
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Eleven Providers in BMC Digital Workplace

The numbers of providers are available for integration with Helix BMC Digital Workplace. The key providers that our BMC Digital Workplace developers integrate and configure are:

Eleven Providers in BMC Digital Workplace
SRM pluggable provider
CLM cloud services pluggable provider
Exchange pluggable provider
System management pluggable provider
CMDB pluggable provider
Group pluggable provider
HRCM knowledge pluggable provider
HRCM service catalog pluggable provider
HRCM user details pluggable provider
LDAP pluggable provider
RKM pluggable provider
BMC Helix Digital Workplace Solutions & Services Provided By Antixx TechHub

Being a top-performing BMC services vendor, Antixx TechHub has the best-trained BMC Helix Digital Workplace specialists to leverage the benefits of digital workplace. Our BMC Helix Digital Workplace managed services facilitate you outsourcing application-ready cost-effective solutions to address vivid concerns, tasks, and objectives like:

Planning for BMC Helix Digital Workplace

Installing BMC Digital Workplace solutions.

BMC Helix ITSM Upgrade Services

Upgrading BMC solutions

Integrating BMC Digital Workplace service support

Enabling self-service in an organization

Creating and managing the BMC Digital Workplace service catalog

Administering Digital Workplace performance

Developing objective-oriented BMC solutions


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