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Welcome to Antixx TechHub, the #1 BMC Helix Discovery solutions provider company. We offer a range of tailored-to-need BMC Helix Discovery solutions and service support to help you improve service and workflow management remarkably. With the customized BMC Helix Discovery solutions, we integrate with your existing system and workflows and add dependable competencies in different verticals including service quality, database security, data processing, and operations.

What is Helix Discovery? An Introduction

The saaS-based cloud-native system, BMC Helix Discovery is designed to provide data-driven insights into software, dependency, and hardware across on-premises, multi-cloud, and hybrid environments. The next-generation data discovery system BMC Helix Discovery automatically scales applications into the IT infrastructure.

iBMC Helix Discovery Consulting & Implementation Company
BMC Helix Discovery implementation

BMC Helix Discovery Helps To Take Right Decisions Proactively

Proactive decision-making reduces risks and improves overall business performance to achieve better profitability and growth rate. BMC Helix Discovery provides insights to make proactive right decisions by analyzing data inventory, data relationship data, and configuration sets. Objective-oriented Helix Discovery solutions enable businesses to smoothly manage the complexity experienced in managing legacy infrastructure, configurations for containers, mainframes, hyper-converged infrastructure, cloud-centric services, etc. Auto-generated Helix Discovery reports keep IT teams informed about the relational dependencies and elements connectivity besides enabling them to create and manage context-based inventory.

BMC Helix Discovery implementation services use local firewall rules and credentials. Helix Discovery integration generates task-oriented datasets and topologies to maximize the benefits of AI and ML (machine learning) for root cause analysis, anomaly detection, service management, and cost optimization. The globally hailed BMC Helix Discovery is the most advanced service management and scalable operating system the an increasing number of businesses endorse it as being highly effective to in increase productivity and efficiency through guided innovation. We have the industry-best experienced Helix Discovery Service support specialists with certified proficiency to maximize the integration benefits of BMC Helix Discovery features and functionalities.

BMC Helix Discovery Consultant , Implementation, & Configuration Services

Over the years, Antixx TechHub has become the top performing BMC cloud partner with specialization in providing the quality best BMC managed support services. During the journey, we have helped a number of businesses by developing and implementing objective-oriented BMC Helix Discovery solutions. As a prominent BMC Helix Discovery service company, Antixx TechHub has all the facilities and capabilities to accelerate your growth rate by providing custom-to-need BMC Helix Discovery implementation, configuration, training, and consulting services.

As one of the top BMC Helix Discovery managed services providers, we have proficient BMC experts to understand your requirements by depth. Our client-centric approach makes us the most recommended BMC Helix Discovery vendor. Our BMC Helix Discovery services portfolio include.

BMC Helix Discovery Consultant

Why You Should Hire BMC Helix Discovery Services Agency: BMC Helix Discovery Benefits

BMC Helix Discovery integration and implementation services improve performance, productivity, and growth rate by providing metrics-driven insights to IT teams enabling them to decide the right to improve IT infrastructure management, IT operations management, IT asset management, and IT service management. We at Antixx TechHub provide comprehensive support for BMC Helix Discovery implementation, configuration, and integration to empower you to:

BMC Helix Discovery Services Agency
Minimizing time to isolating root cause
Minimizing the incidents caused by changes
Minimizing time for incident audits
Preventing audit penalties
Prioritizing incidents
Optimizing cost and service management
Optimizing data center software/ hardware
Identifying vulnerabilities and blind spots
Integrating REST API
Maintaining consistency in service improvement
By hiring Antixx TechHub as a BMC Helix Discovery third party vendor, you will get dependable support to improve
Cost transparency
Data security
Service awareness

BMC Helix Discovery Capabilities: Trust Antixx Techhub to Maximize Usability

The improvement is a consistent process to stay competitive global marketplace, we have the best skill to maximize the usability of BMC Helix Discovery capabilities. Our BMC specialists optimize each feature and functionality of BMC Helix to help you for continuous service quality improvement at a justified cost. Single-window holistic view across the cloud environment helps businesses for:

Agent less automated discovery.
Real-time mapping.
Seamless configuration.
Optimized assets and change management.
Infrastructure and operational management.
Swift application implementation.
Advanced security, audit, and compliance.
Smart risk management.
Data-based cost modeling.
BMC Helix Discovery third party vendor

Top Helix Discovery Features We Customize to Improve Your Business Performance

Optimized BMC Helix Discovery integration maximizes ROI. Our certified Helix Discovery specialists with experience in serving the number of businesses optimize BMC Helix Discovery implementation to help you address the identified silos and particular growth concerns. The top BMC Helix Discovery features that essentially improve service and operational efficiencies remarkably include:

BMC Discovery Outpost

Businesses stay informed about integrated hardware and software by conducting audit of the particular IP address.

BMC Helix Discovery Service

Businesses get extreme benefits of cognitive service management by responding quickly to requests triggered by the registered Outpost and "inferred" data.

Security of Communication

Businesses experience benefit of strengthened communication security between different BCM agents.

CMDB Synchronization

IT teams experience the benefit of data synchronization with the information provided by BMC Discovery.

Data Provenance

Businesses can know the incident, origin, and time by assessing inferred data in UI.

Discovering Cloud Services

Businesses get the dynamic 360-degree view to assess the performance of data center infrastructure, implemented services, and multi-cloud environment.

Helix Discovery Updates

It enables IT management teams to scan the complete system periodically to incorporate updates.

Pattern Library

This Helix Discovery feature contains more than 650 patterns to automate discovery processes in VMware, SAP, Oracle, HP, IBM, Hadoop, etc.


IT teams achieve higher efficiencies because of improved CI/CD processes by integrated REST APIs and frameworks.

BMC Helix Discovery App Modeling

It facilitates IT teams to resolve concerns for SAAM (Start Anywhere Application Mapping), Pattern Language, and CAM (Collaborative Application Mapping ). It also allows for remote app modeling.

Scope of BMC Helix Discovery Implementation Security Audit Services

Discovery Communications

Available Network Ports

Information Security

Dark Space Scans

Firewall Ports

Standard Compliance

FIPS Compliance

PCI Data Security

BMC Helix Discovery Implementation Security Audit Services

Scope of BMC Helix Discovery Planning Services

BMC Helix Discovery Planning Services

System Requirements

Entitlement for Licensing

Space (White space, negative space, etc).

Network Audit for Usability

Audit of IP Addresses Overlapping

Scope of Integrating BMC Helix Discovery Services

API to Export Discovered Data


Credential Brokers Integration

Setting Sign-On

CMDB Synchronization

BMC Helix Discovery Services

Scope of BMC Helix Discovery Configuration Services

BMC Helix Discovery Configuration Services

Running Discovery

Configuring Credentials

Configuring Discovery

Improving Discovery

Data Center Audit

Start Anywhere Modeling

Discovering Cloud Services

IT Infrastructure Optimization

Report Management

Scope of BMC Helix Discovery Management Services

Managing Standard Data

Managing Licenses

Managing Users

Managing Security & Data Privacy

Managing Administration Interface

BMC Helix Discovery Management Services

Scope of BMC Helix Discovery Troubleshooting Services

BMC Helix Discovery Troubleshooting Services

Cloud Service Discovery Problem Solving

Performance Improvement


Managing Outpost Logs

Why Hire Antixx TechHub for BMC Helix Discovery Support Services

Our in-house BMC specialists improve your digital operations by integrating innovative BMC solutions. Helix Discovery professionals have years of project-based experience in the integration and configuration of all the BMC products including BMC Helix Remedyforce, BMC Control-M, BMC TrueSight, Helix ITSM etc it means you need just one BMC vendor to integrate different BMC products. The key reasons that make Antixx TechHub the perfect choice for hiring a trustworthy BMC Helix Discovery 3rd party BMC service vendor or consultant:

Holistic approach for Helix BMC Discovery product integration

Easily available dedicated Helix Discovery experts

Acknowledged expertise and capabilities for providing BMC ITSM support

Secured and smooth embracing of BMC Helix Discovery

Single BMC service providing vendor for licensing to hassle-free usage

Customized models BMC Helix Discovery training

100% transparent processes

Dependable BMC Helix Discovery maintenance support

Helix Discovery Support Services

FAQs for BMC Helix Discovery Implementation, Configuration, Training, & Consulting Antixx TechHub

Q1. Will BMC Helix Discovery implementation disturb my existing workflow? Our experienced BMC Helix experts plan Helix Discovery integration only after auditing the feasibility taking care of every concern about ongoing processes in legacy infrastructure. No impact will be there on your ongoing business processes. Q2. What are the Helix Discovery techniques that compel businesses to embrace BMC Discovery? SNMP, Remote command execution, and Network scanning are three BMC discovery techniques that make it a must for businesses to embrace BMC Helix. Q3. Is there any risk involved for existing infrastructure and network if I decide to integrate Helix Discovery? The strategic BMC Helix Discovery integration doesn’t disturb existing infrastructure or networks. BMC Helix Discovery audit checks and validates all the parameters for the risk-free BMC Helix Discovery implementation. Q4. Can I reset BMC Helix Discovery user password? You can reset BMC Helix Discovery password at any time by login into your BMC account. Q5. What is the latest BMC Helix Discovery update? BMC Helix Discovery 22.4 released on October 5, 2022, is the latest update that enables IT teams for faster issue resolution and accurate predictions.

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