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Every branding campaign is powered by stunning graphics because uniquely created graphics help the businesses convey the message in a better digestive way that can’t be done through text-only messaging. Over the years, graphics designing has become an integral element of a marketing strategy because businesses need a unique brand value for identity building and conveying the message effectively in a glance. Here, you need to hire professional graphics designers who could create graphics up to the different needs of businesses.

Graphics Designing Services
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Why You Need To Hire a Graphics Designing Company

Graphics in business messaging communicate the brand story with visual attraction. Almost 90% of information transmitted to the brain is through visuals that are processed 60,000X faster than the text to communicate the message (MIS). People keep 80% of the information remembered that they see compared to 20 percent of the information that they read. 68% of online marketers use visual content for content marketing. 52% of digital marketers accept the importance of visual content (Venngage study). Almost 73% of businesses tend to invest in a unique design for their brand differentiation (Adobe’s research).

A graphic design company helps businesses to build memorable visibility that in turn increases leads. The professionally designed graphics by a specialist graphics design company inspire the potential buyers to know more about a brand’s offering in turn, you get more visitors.

Benefits of Hiring Graphics Designers for Businesses

The increasing numbers of businesses rely on the visual effects of graphics to have an edge in marketing. The proficient graphics designers help the target audience to have an idea about the offerings at a glance because shoppers of the modern age are in hurry to get the desired information. Graphics designers support businesses to showcase their products and services in a more engaging, encouraging, and memorable manner. When you hire graphics designers from Antixx TechHub,the leading graphics designing agency, you can be sure of getting the following benefits:

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Boosts the brand awareness by consistency
Conveys the message faster that can’t be done through text
Builds and strengthens brand’s visual identity, credibility
Strengthens employee morale to be more productive
Makes the brand stand out with a memorable distinction
Builds trust of buyers in business offerings
Persuasion to buy with confidence strengthened by displayed professionalism
More numbers of leads with higher conversion potential
Reduced marketing cost because of reusability of graphics

Graphic Design Types We Create As One of the Top Graphics Design Companies

As being one of the top graphic design companies, Antixx TechHub has the best skills to create unique graphics designs in line with particular marketing objectives. Our graphics designing specialists have a deep understanding of the diverse needs of businesses therefore, you get the best rewarding graphics for every objective. Our graphics designing specialists have proven abilities and expertise in creating a range of unique graphics:

Graphics for logo, branding, and visual identity
Graphics for advertising and marketing
Graphics for UI (user interface)
Graphics for products, packages, and services
Graphics to support content marketing
Graphics for social media
Graphics for presentation
Graphics for products packaging others
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Quality Services We Offer As a Graphics Designing Agency

Because of years of experience in providing low-cost but results-oriented graphics designing services, our graphics designing experts interpret your objectives better. Whatsoever your objectives may be to outsource graphics designing services by Antixx TechHub, we have delivered at par with your expectations by using advanced tools like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Affinity Designer, Procreate, Canva, Pixlr, etc. Expertise in providing a spectrum of customized business solutions also gives an edge to ever-expanding graphic design services by Antixx TechHub:

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Logo graphics designing for business brand, products/services, event, etc
Business card graphics designing with stunning graphics
Stationery graphics designing banners, billboards, letterheads, newsletters, magazines, envelopes, etc.
Marketing material graphics designing - flyers, brochures, posters, catalogs, stickers, calendars, etc.
Products label graphics designing with eye-catching graphics
PowerPoint graphics designing
Infographic graphics designing
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How We Create Unique Graphics Just For You- Our Approach

The numbers of success stories of graphics, created by our committed-to-value graphics designers, make us a trustworthy graphics designing company for any size business to get the best graphic designs for diverse needs. We have experience, expertise, efficiency, domain-specific knowledge, and facilities to create stunning graphic designs for branding, marketing, advertising, campaigns, product launch etc. To deliver 100% satisfaction with our creative designs, we follow a customized strategic approach:

    Definition Stage:
  • Briefing and listing the needs, objectives, likings, trend analysis, etc.
  • Graphic research to scale the success potential.
  • Idea boarding and brainstorming.
  • Concept Development.

Graphics Development Stage:

Visual Exploration
Design Building

Reviewing Stage:

Feedback considerations

Delivery Stage:

Delivery with the final touch

What Makes Antixx TechHub a Graphics Designer Agency to Depend On?

Every client, irrespective of business size and nature, is equally valuable for us. Our graphics developers invest the best efforts to deliver up the clients’ satisfaction therefore, our graphic designs are best tuned to all the key principles and elements of graphics designing.

Seven key Principles of Graphics Designing

The graphics designing principles refer to the ways to use the designing elements like the symmetrical or asymmetrical balance, movement, proportion, pattern, emphasis, etc. The principles of graphics designing define the techniques and rules for composing the designing elements like:

Balance of designing elements

Hierarchy (dominance & priority)

Contrast of key elements

Proximity of graphics designing elements

Harmony for a sense of message completeness

Scale and Proportion

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Seven Key Elements of Graphics Designing

Graphics development elements refer to the graphic building blocks of various compositions. The graphics designers at Antixx TechHub are well familiar with all the key graphics development elements like:


Value (lightness and darkness of a color)

Space (White space, negative space, etc)

Shape (organic shape, geometric shape, abstract shape)

Form of occupying space

Texture (Tactile texture, visual texture)

Color scheme

Why Hire Antixx TechHub for Graphics Services

We have delivered a number of graphic designs for different types of businesses. Most of the graphics designs created by our graphics developers become a trendsetter because of unmatched creativity and innovative ideas. Because of providing graphics services over the years, we have a deep understanding of specific digital and offline marketing domains like products, promotion, packaging, place, positioning, and people. The industry-best graphics design services by Antixx TechHub empower your business with:

Enhanced awareness with creative graphics

Brand memory because of memorable visuals

Long-lasting impression because of uniqueness

Buyers’ attraction because of relevance to needs

Cheap graphics solutions optimized to objectives

Branding, advertising, and marketing expertise

Experience, expertise, efficiency, and effectiveness

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FAQs for Graphics Designing Services, Company, and Support Antixx TechHub

Q1. What is about the copyright of the outsourced graphic design? We deliver the graphics designs with copyright also with a guarantee of being original (not copied). Q2. What kind of graphic design support services do you offer after delivering graphics designs? We at Antixx TechHub are committed for long-term relationships therefore, we try our best to address all the issues post-delivery of graphics designs. We support you to download files of created graphics designs and to interact with your printer. We store safe the copies of your graphics designs so, you can ask us to share the files in future also. Q3. How do you deliver graphics designs? We offer you many options to receive the created graphic designs. You can ask our graphics designing experts to deliver created graphics designs though mail, drive, or drop box. Q4. Is it really worth for a small business to hire graphics experts? Hiring a graphics experts from Antixx TechHub, the leading graphics designing company, is very affordable because we provide graphics designing services at the lowest prices. We have special <a href="">graphic designing plans</a>for start-up businesses and small businesses with optional support for branding. Involvement of experienced graphics experts gives a competitive edge to your marketing and advertising campaign because of additional visual appeal for enhanced engagement and encouragement. Q5. What makes a graphics design good for a business? Visual appeal, clear and concise messaging, orientation to objectives, and uniqueness make a graphics design good for a business. Q6. How much do you charge for graphic design services? What is the cost of graphic design packages? As a prominent graphics company with competitive abilities to provide comprehensive business support solutions, Antixx TechHub offers the competitive pricing for its services. The transparency in graphic design packages does not leave any scope for hidden charges. The key costing factors for graphics design services are – type, size, the complexity involved, research required, agreed completion period, the volume of graphics required, etc.

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