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Cloud implementation solutions
Cloud implementation solutions
Antixx Techhub

Cloud Implementation Services Provider Company

As one of the top Cloud implementation services companies in India, Antixx TechHub offers comprehensive services to develop, implement, and manage tailor-made cloud solutions that help you unlock innovation potential and embrace the cloud technology. Our custom-to-need Cloud implementation solutions foster your competencies in different domains of business processes and operations.

Why You Need to Hire Cloud implementation Solution Company- Ten Benefits

According to a report by the International Data Group, almost 69% of businesses are using cloud technology in one way or another, and 18% are preparing to implement cloud-computing solutions. A Dell study reports states that companies that invest for embracing cloud computing, big data, mobility, and advanced security solutions succeed to achieve up to 53% faster growth than their competitors. Implementing customized Cloud solutions has become imperative for businesses because of commonly experienced multiple benefits:

Cost Savings
Increased Collaboration
Disaster Recovery
Quality Control
Loss Prevention
Competitive Edge

What Services We Offer as a Cloud Implementation Specialist Agency

Being a prominent Cloud implementation services company, Antixx TechHub offers a range of comprehensive service support for Cloud technology implementation. We have years of experience in implementing objective-oriented solutions designed over leading cloud service providers including Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, Salesforce, SAP, BMC, ServiceNow, and others.

As a client-centric Cloud managed service providers, we keep our Cloud service support portfolio expanding to meet your new requirements for competency improvement in different operational areas. The Cloud management and implementation services, we provide with excellence, include:

Cloud implementation solutions

Infrastructure Management

Managing cloud infrastructure performance to ensure the best ROI.
Cloud implementation solutions

Cloud Engineering and Automation

Re-architecting applications and data for cloud-native infrastructure.
Cloud implementation solutions

Cloud Design

Designing optimized system infrastructure for flawless Cloud computing and business resiliency.
Cloud implementation solutions

Cloud Consultancy & Strategy Development

Analyzing requirements, recommending solutions, and structuring a tailored-to-need workflow strategy.
Cloud implementation solutions

Cloud Optimization

Optimizing Cloud technology and implementation to ensure the best performance of Secure, scalable, and reliable Cloud solutions.
You can hire our dedicated Cloud implementation specialists also for specific Cloud strategy consulting task like- Infrastructure planning and development, Back-up strategy & implementation, Systems migration and maintenance, Migration & technical support, Resource optimization, Business continuity, Change management, etc.

Expert Services for all Types of Cloud Computing Solutions Implementation

Over the years, we have helped number of businesses to achieve remarkable growth boost by providing custom-to-need Cloud computing solutions implementation service support. We have the best Cloud certified skills to integrate Cloud computing services in all the top Cloud environments.

Platform as a Service (PaaS):

AWS, Elastic Beanstalk, Salesforce, Windows Azure, Google App Engine, IBM smart cloud, etc.

Software as a Service (SaaS):

Big Commerce, Cloud9 Analytics, Cloud Switch, Salesforce, Microsoft Office 365, etc.

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS):

IBM, Rackspace, Vmware, Openstack, etc.

Function as a Service (FaaS):

Kubernetes, Oracle – Fn, Apache OpenWhisk – IBM, etc.

Anything/Everything as a service (XaaS):

Storage as a Service (StaaS), Database as a Service (DBaaS), Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS), etc.
Cloud Computing Solutions Implementation

Tools and Technologies We Use for Cloud Solutions Implementation

We enable smooth cloud migration by establishing the right cloud strategy as per your business needs, performing cloud ready assessment, and providing recommendations. We have proven expertise in providing dependable Cloud implementation consulting, solutions, and service support in any environment including private clouds, public clouds, hybrid clouds, and multi-clouds. Our Cloud implementation experts have proven proficiency in optimizing and using the most advanced Cloud computing technologies and tools like:


Cloud cost intelligence platform (SaaS)

Amazon Lightsail

Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS)

Google App Engine

Cloud application platform


Cloud migration tool


Cloud security tool


Container orchestration and management


Cloud monitoring service


Data governance platform

Civis Analytics

Big data and analytics tool


Data processing tool used for ETL to extract, transform, & data upload

Our Approach for Cloud Implementation Solutions And Service Support

Antixx TechHub takes a comprehensive end-to-end approach for cloud solution implementation. To ensure smooth and seamless cloud service and solutions implementation, our team designs the best roadmap. The Cloud implementation process involves:

Cloud Computing Support Solutions

Why Hire Antixx Techhub for Cloud Computing Support Solutions

Highly skilled certified professionals with expertise in all the top Cloud computing technologies and supported business solutions.

Industry specific experience in Cloud migration and task-oriented solution implementation.

A vast knowledge base backed by our experience in serving different business sectors.

Direct access to dedicated Cloud developers.

Minimum project completion time for implementation of Cloud solutions without disturbing on- going operations.

Competitive pricing, dependable support post implementation, & client-centric agile approach.

We always try to be the best support to you as possible

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