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We at Antixx TechHub offer comprehensive integration services to help you achieve agility and improved operational efficiency by automating seamless advanced process flows between different apps. The integration service, a customized application, acts as a container to conduct different web service solutions. Integration services create new business values and improve IT infrastructure. Our integration services experts digitally transform your business effectively, efficiently, and securely.

Integration Services Provider Company
Integration Services Provider Company

Why You Need To Hire a Integration Services Company- The Benefits

As a leading IT integration services agency, we offer a range of customized integration services to add new competencies in various domains like infrastructure, processes, automation, scaling, analytics, development, etc. Our professionally planned system integration services deliver more than the following benefits:

IT integration services agency
Optimized business processes that result in reduced costs.
Integration of advanced technologies instead of replacing exiting legacy systems.
Leveraged advantage of Cloud technology integration.
Improved collaboration between team members for faster task completion with reduced bottlenecks.
Improved accessibility and accuracy for better management of workflows.
New data-driven performance insights help you take right pro-active decisions.
Advanced security of IT structure, data, and processes.
Easy access to complete information through a single dashboard to improve customer relationship and sales.

How We Help You with IT Integration Solutions & Consultancy Services

We have been providing integration solutions and consulting services for over the years. Our technology specialists having dependable experience and expertise have many ways to improve overall operational efficiencies, infrastructure, profitability, growth rate, and customer satisfaction. You can trust Antixx TechHub to outsource integration services to:

Advance the business operations by investing in customized scalable services.
Maximize the use of IT resources to enhance the productivity and performance of teams.
Improve product and domain expertise.
Connect the front office with the back office.
Interconnect new systems to legacy systems.
Integrate the latest technologies to take advantages of cloud, intelligent automation, data analytics, etc.
Let your professionals to focus on important tasks by outsourcing noncore functions.
Automate and streamline different business processes with RPA.

Scope of Our Integration Services

As a leading integration service solutions company, we keep expanding our service portfolio to integrate the best customized solutions wherever you need a business performance boost. The professional integration services, we provide, can be explored on the basis of purpose, status, location, and complexity.

What We Offer As Integration Services Consulting & Solutions Company

Full-cycle Integration & Implementation Services:

• Integration of solution implementation

• Application integration consulting

• Migration, re-architecting and re-engineering of the applications & systems

• Integration of testing solutions at component level

• Post-integration support

• Management & regular update of integrated ecosystem

Integration Consulting Services:

• Audit and prioritize the integration requirements

• Choosing appropriate integration model

• Choosing the best technology stack

• Architecture integration

• Securing infrastructure

Integration Services Consulting & Solutions Company
top integration solutions companies

As one of the top integration solutions companies, we have the best skills with proven expertise to conduct system analysis, system assessment, IT modernization, solution design development, and other needs for infrastructure and technology integration to address multiple challenges like:

Faster testing release
Minimized incidents
Prolonged response time
Cost containment
Data quality and security strengthening
Minimized manual processes
Quick datacenter migration
Always in line with compliance
Monitoring of too stretched staff
Prolonged response time

Tools & Technologies We Use For Integration Services

Cloud migration & integration

Azure, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, Oracle.

DevOps solutions integration

Kubernetes, Selenium, Docker, Jenkins, Katalon TestOps, Azure DevOps, Chef.

Mobile App integration services

Xamarin, Android Studio, React Native, Adobe PhoneGap, Flutter.

Front-end development

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), HTML, React, Angular, Vue, jQuery, Swift.

Back-End development

JavaScript, Python, PHP, Golang, Rust, TypeScript.

Data storage integration services

SQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, MariaDB, Oracle.

Data solutions integration

Google Charts, Tableau, PowerBI, QlikView.
integration services consulting agency

Methodologies We Use to Customize Integration Services

In the capacity of a dependable integration services consulting agency, we emphasize on using the time-tested methodologies. Our in-house team of integration services professionals has certified skills for:

RPA (robotic process automation)

We integrate advanced technologies to relate human interactions with computer systems.

Service-oriented architecture integration

We have expertise in system transformation into an easily scalable, re-usable, coupled components.

Shared database

We integrate multiple applications to simplify data access from a single database. The integration services team at Antixx TechHub is ready to develop and implement task-oriented system integration solutions to address the present and future needs and challenges within a permissible budget.

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