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Antixx TechHub is a leading AWS Managed Cloud Services consultancy and turnkey solutions provider having the best in-house AWS professionals with proven capabilities to devise the objective-oriented cost-effective strategy and solutions.

What are AWS Managed Cloud Services?

Why do businesses need to hire an AWS Managed Services support provider and consultant? Should you hire an AWS Managed Cloud Services solutions company? AWS Managed Cloud Services help you embrace AWS securely and efficiently with enhanced capabilities to scale the processes. Our highly trained and experienced AWS Managed Services (AMS) developers leverage the benefits of AWS services by developing and integrating the best-fit AWS Managed Services solutions driving data-driven real-time insights and automation contextual to your particular growth objectives, applications, and environment.

AWS Managed Cloud Services integration provides dependable detective, proactive, and preventative capabilities that help you improve operational expertise and reduce risk without any compromise with strategic agility, AWS Managed Services implementation and configuration allow you to focus on faster innovation. AMS consultancy , training, and support services extend your operational capabilities regarding monitoring, scaling, incident detection, event management, data security, security patch, data backups, cost optimization, etc. that result in improved collective performance in all the critical business processes.

AWS Managed Cloud Services Consultants

AWS Managed Services Features

AWS Managed Services have many much-needed features that most businesses need to stay competitive by improving their performance at all critical stages. We as AWS Managed Cloud Services consultancy and solutions providers facilitate businesses to integrate optimized AWS Cloud features and functionalities like:

AWS Managed Services Features

Incident Management and Service Desk:

Service Levels

Incident Management (Infrastructure & Security)

Incident management (AWS Incident Detection & Response)

Backup and Recovery

Service Requests

Service Delivery:

Cloud Architect

Proactive Programs

Cloud Service Delivery Manager

Operations on Demand Access

Operational Monitoring, Logging, & Reporting:

AWS Resource Monitoring

Reporting and Cost Optimization

Incident management (AWS Incident Detection & Response)

Controls Enforcement

Logging and Log Aggregation

Security Management:

Security Monitoring

Security Conformance

Endpoint Protection

Managed Firewall

Access Management

IAM and Security Review

AWS Resource Monitoring
Incident management (AWS Incident Detection & Response)

Patch Management & Operating System Support:

Patch Management

Amazon Machine Image (AMI) Management

Supported Operating Systems

Landing Zone and Network Management:

Network Configuration

Landing Zone and Account Operations

Provisioning and Change Management:

Change Management

Change Protection

IT Service Management (ITSM) Integration


AWS Managed Cloud Services Plans

AWS Managed Cloud Services are available in two plans, our AWS Managed Services specialists will help you buy the best suitable plan:

AWS Managed Services Accelerate (Good, if you are already using AWS and want to augment operational capabilities)

AWS Managed Service Advanced: (Good, if you are looking to have end-to-end operational solutions)

AWS Managed Services specialists

Benefits of AWS Managed Cloud Services

Increasing numbers of users of AWS Cloud managed services worldwide certify its technical excellence, utility, and benefits. Being one of the top AWS Managed Cloud Services companies, we have the best AWS experts to ensure the benefits of AWS Managed Services configuration :


AMS implementation improves operational excellence with extended security monitoring and solutions. The integrated AMS solutions mitigate risk by leveraging the best AWS practices and native AWS tooling.

Centralized Operations Management

With every interaction, AMS iterate and improve customers’ operating models by adding new monitors and service level indicators.

Enterprise Governance & Controls

AMS ensure that non-AMS tags also comply with enterprise auditing control and governance. AMS manage administration and maintenance of Control Tower environments.


AMS monitors the availability of services 24x7 with proactive alerts. It takes care of the entire incident management lifecycle. AMS provides configuration rule checks, well-architected reviews, risk management, risk prevention, and more.


Based on a continuous learning mechanism, the AMS operating model evaluates workloads against changing security norms. AMS evolves to meet users’ changing needs and continuously scales users’ operational capabilities.


AMS provides an accelerated path for meeting compliance requirements. AMS has pre-authorization for operating workloads that need FedRamp Moderate. AMS has compliance certifications against HiTrust, GDPR, PCI-DSS, HIPAA, ISO, SOC 1, 2 and 3.

Monitoring and Observability

AMS provides an observable environment that reduces risk, improves customer experience, and increases agility. AMS automatically detects and notifies about 80% of incidents to improve operational excellence, availability and resiliency.


An automation-first approach reduces human error and provides consistency, improves speed, improves accuracy, and increases cost-savings (AWS cost-saving may be up to 10-15%).

Why Hire Antixx TechHub for AWS Managed Cloud Services:

AWS Managed Cloud Services vendor

Let's work together to professionally manage Cloud operations for all your workloads.

The AWS managed Services provided by us are flexible and adapted to individuals’ needs.

As a prominent AWS Managed Cloud Services vendor , we define exactly the setup that suits your business models and analyzed needs.

Our highly trained and AWS-certified experts monitor your systems and react proactively to manage any pattern change.

We ensure that our optimal and individual solutions help you take maximum advantage of the opportunities provided by AMS Services.

Our AMS specialists with global experience work in collaboration with your teams to ensure better than the expected results.

We always try to be the best support to you as possible

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