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In time, smart decisions based on data analytics have become imperative for all business sizes. Microsoft Power BI enables businesses to improve operational capabilities by making all the data-driven information available for all the stakeholders across devices. Streamlined information publishing and distribution helps businesses to visualize data, analyze it automatically, and share the extracted insights with other Microsoft apps. Authorized Microsoft vendor Antixx TechHub provides comprehensive tailored-to-need Power BI integration , implementation, and configuration services that are expected results delivering and cost-effective also.

What is Power BI?

Power BI is a suite of BI (business intelligence) tools developed by Microsoft. Power BI provides businesses with exceptional operational capabilities to streamline information publication and distribution in addition to enabling businesses to integrate many Microsoft products/services. Microsoft’s Power BI toolkit enables Power BI developers to visualize data and share extracted insights across the channels and teams as well as to embed the same in apps or websites. Power BI specialists drive value and versatility by leveraging the various elements of this globally used powerful analytics tool.

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Power BI Capabilities - What Power BI Does for Your Business

Why do you need the hire Microsoft Power BI vendor ? How does the Power BI solution help businesses? As a Microsoft-certified experienced Power BI agency or vendor, Antixx TechHub has an in-house team of certified Power BI experts to customize and integrate Power BI features and components followed by their implementation, and configuration to serve the particular objectives. We as the top Power BI consultants and services providers have time-tested specialization to maximize Power BI capabilities by implementation and configuration of:

Power BI Product Updates

Vibrant online community to inform about new Power BI features prioritized for the particular development.

Analyze datasets in Excel

Analyze in Excel feature allows you to connect PivotTables with the Power BI reporting system.

Power BI Mobile App

Offers a set of apps Windows 10, iOS, and Android mobile devices.

Automated data refresh

Allows to schedule and automate dataset refresh securely saving a lot of effort in updating manual reports.

Extract valuable insights from a large dataset

Compresses valuable data to support you in extracting task-specific insights from large datasets.

Create custom visualization powered by R and Python

Allows to build custom data visualizations and analytics by adding open-source data-viz libraries of R and Python.

Sources and transforms data with Power Query

Integrated Power Query allows to import and transform selected data from different sources without SQL knowledge.

Re-use of datasets across reports and dashboards

Defines measures of a data model and re-use the calculations across all the connected reports.

Create insightful maps with data

Allows to build insightful and interactive data visualization mapping.

Integration with Microsoft Products

Numerous integrations to facilitate presentation in Power BI app, exporting a Power BI report to PowerPoint, embedding a Word document in Power BI app, and team collaboration.

Ten Top Power Bi Features- A Power BI Company Integrate

We are providing tailored-to-need Power BI consultancy, training, solutions, and support services over the years, during the journey, we continually expanded and strengthened our Power BI managed service support model. Today, we have the best Power BI developers for Power BI implementation and configuration with optimized features like:

Data Analysis and Stored Anywhere

comprehensive view of data and key metrics.

Get started in no time

Sign up for free for a quick start.

Solve Problems from anywhere

Real-time Power BI dashboard helps you address problems from anywhere.

Natural Language Q&A

Allows users to write questions, answers, and to provide content that can be corrected/refined in line with your visual assessments.

Print Dashboard

This new feature simplifies sharing inputs in meetings and discussions.

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DAX Data Analysis

DAX formula language includes many libraries of different capabilities to create analytical data models.

Show and hide pages

Allows to share just a part of your report and hide certain pages.

Management of data label background color and Cartesian

Allows editing of background color and data labels for map visuals and Cartesian.

Bar/Column padding management

Allows to managing inner padding between the bars up to 50% of the width of a bar/column.

Custom Visualization

Allows to change visualization according to changing experiences and new requirements.

Components of Power BI We Integrate with Expertise

As a #1 Power BI support service company , Antixx TechHub has the best certified Power BI specialists to configure the following Power BI components as per the analyzed needs of your business and prioritized objectives:

Power Query

Allows to delete data from different data sources and extract data from different databases.

Power Pivot

The data modeling and calculation engine allows for modeling data that can be viewed in Pivot tables.

Power View

Allows to access data sources and retrieve metadata utilized for data analysis.

Power Map

Allows monitoring geospatial data in 3D mode to highlight data.

Power Q&A

Working with Power View, it works like a language motor for the data model’s questions and enabling users to ask questions.

Power BI Desktop

The integrated development tool for Power Query allow to build advanced models, queries, and reports.

Power BI Website

Allows to publish Power BI solutions on Power BI Website as well as to create Power BI dashboards for reports creation and sharing.

Power BI Mobile Apps

Android, iOS, and Windows Power BI mobile apps allows to access interactive view of dashboards and reports.

Benefits of Power BI Consulting , Training, Solutions, & Support Services

Microsoft Power BI is the right choice for any business size big, medium, or small looking for data-driven hassle-free analytical capabilities and reporting beyond Excel. As an authorized Power BI solution and support services provider, we maximize the benefits of Power BI by customizing its component integration:

Helps businesses increase their productivity

User-friendly dashboard for data analysis

Interactive UI/UX features

Anywhere and any-device Accessibility for improved collaboration

Enhanced ability to work with more applications like Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Dynamics, Power App and Power automate

Allows to set up row-level-security (RSL) filters to enhance data security

A self-service business intelligence platform

Extended governance for data loss prevention

Bring your own key (BYOK) helps to meet privacy and regulatory requirements better

Power BI Consulting

Power BI Services and Solutions Antixx TechHub Offers

As a leading Power BI consultancy and solutions provider agency, Antixx TechHub has the industry-best Power BI consultants and Power BI developers to address vivid concerns related to data visualizations, analytics, real-time decision-making, and management of performance, quality and costs. We provide comprehensive solutions and support services to integrate all the devices and sources to leverage the competitive advantage of business intelligence and task-specific data analytics:

Power BI Integration with Data Sources

Integration of internal and external data sources with Power BI managing unformatted data by querying and loading.

Development of Role-Based Customized Dashboards

Custom dashboards development and reports creation delivering relevant information in a right structure and format.

Planning and Configuring

Study of data infrastructure,building a roadmap to address organizational data issues, helping you to attain business goals by better decision making.

Data Preparation

Ensuring an uninterrupted data flow by organizing, sorting, cleaning, and augmenting data gathered from multiple sources.

Calculations and Measures

Measuring and calculation of columns for small datasets by using DAX building measures and columns for large datasets.

Post Implementation Support and Training

Ensure that your business use Power BI up to its full potential, training to concerned team members by Power BI consultants helping you get the most from Power BI dashboards.

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