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Antixx TechHub is providing custom-to-need Qlik Sense solutions , consultancy, training, and managed support services over the years ensuring the extreme benefits of Qlik Sense integration , implementation, and configuration. The time-nurtured data analytics capabilities, Qlik Sense perfection, customer-centric approach, and exposure to the latest practices make Antixx TechHub a favorite Qlik Sense vendor.

What is Qlik Sense?

Qlik Sense, a data visualization and discovery tool, allows businesses to build interactive and flexible visualizations for making meaningful decisions. Qlik Sense is the most powerful and complete BI solution to enable people of any skill level to freely explore data and make informed decisions. Powerful AI (artificial intelligence) makes Qlik Sense a dependable tool for businesses to stay competitive by transforming themselves into data-driven enterprises. Powered by Active Intelligence, high-performance cloud platform, and a one-of-a-kind associative analytics engine, Qlik Sense integration, implementation, and configuration empowers everyone to make smart decisions for quick actions.

Qlik Sense

Qlik Sense Capabilities We Deliver With Optimized Qlik Sense Integration

Self-Service Visualization

Qlik Sense easily combines, loads, visualizes, and explores your data irrespective to its size.

Interactive Dashboards

Qlik Sense creates, shares, and distributes powerful interactive dashboards for extended support to business leaders, executives, and users.

Search & Conversational Analytics

Qlik Sense provides an easier and faster way to put questions and get insights through natural language processing.

Custom & Embedded

Qlik Sense develops custom apps and visualizations faster and embeds custom-to-need analytics into other operational apps.

GeoSpatial Analysis

Qlik Sense helps team leaders to improve location-driven decision-making through its easy-to-understand spatial analytics and map visualizations.


Qlik Sense helps organizations to create and distribute visually rich task-oriented reports driven by data analytics.


Qlik Sense simplifies and accelerates the delivery of business-ready data with an enterprise-scale catalog.


Qlik Sense delivers sophisticated data-driven alerts to help users take proactive action.


Qlik Sense delivers interactive offline and online analytics for iOS and Android apps for taking instant action.

Data Prep And Connectivity

Qlik Sense provides a comprehensive data preparation set and integration capabilities to facilitate users for working with limitless data combinations.

Collaboration and Notes

Qlik Sense adds narrative and context to driven analytics and creates multiple discussion threads for interaction with others about a particular issue.

Qlik Sense Architecture Services Components We Configure with Excellence:

The four Qlik Sense architecture components,our Qlik Sense developers integrate with utmost perfection as being a top Qlik Sense configuration company are:

Qlik Sense Clients

Qlik Sense Sites
Qlik Sense Storage
Qlik Sense Nodes

Five Qlik Sense Architecture services, we integrate with proficiency as being Qlik Sense consulting company are:

Qlik Sense Engine (QIX)
Qlik Sense Proxy (QSP)
Qlik Sense Repository (QSR)
Qlik Sense Schedule (QSS)
Qlik Sense Applications (.QVF)

Difference Between Qlik Sense And Qlikview: Qlik Sense V/s Qlikview

Created by QlikView document developers, QlikView is primarily based on guided data analytics. QlikView helps businesses to solve problems by allowing them to create analytics apps and highly interactive dashboards without depending on the technology stack. Qlik Sense is self-service data discovery tool that supports a complete range of analytics across an organization. So, what should be your choice- Qlik Sense or QlikView?

Features Of QlikSense

Governed self-service analytics

Augmented intelligence

Data mining & analytics

Modern platform built over open APIs

Visual data preparation

Enhanced ability to work with more applications like Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Dynamics, Power App and Power automate

Natural language processing

AI-enabled insights & chart suggestions

Extended governance for data loss prevention

Features Of QlikSense
Governed self-service analyticse

Qlik View Dont Having Features

Governed self-service analytics

Augmented intelligence

Data mining & analytics

Modern platform built over open APIs

Visual data preparation

Natural language processing

AI-enabled insights & chart suggestions

Qlik Sense Solutions and Services Provided by Antixx TechHub

Partner with a trusted Qlik Sense cloud data analytics, automation & integration solution provider to deliver competitive advantages of Qlik Sense. Over the years, Antixx TechHub has become the top Qlik Sense implementation agency providing tailored-to-need Qlik Sense consultancy , training, solutions, and support services that are affordable also. The Qlik Sense configuration solutions and Qlik Sense managed service support we provide with excellence at Antixx TechHub are:

Qlik Sense Health Check

A diagnostic check of existing Qlik implementations for providing insights on unused fields, excess memory occupied in applications, license rationalization sharing corrective measures

Qlikview to Qlik Sense Migration

Migrating from QlikView to Qlik sense to ensure the operational excellence delivered by Augmented Intelligence and Multi-cloud Qlik Sense deploymen improving intuitive user experience, providing better support for data storytelling and connected mobile devices

Qlik Active Intelligence Services

Transition from Passive BI to Modern BI establishing a data analytics pipeline with continuous real-time data providing actionable insights driven by up-to-date information

Qlik Support and Enhancement

Modification and development of existing Qlik Sense services Upgrading QlikSense servers analyzing identified issues, and recommending required changes accordingly

Qlik BI & Analytics

Providing the best-in-class dashboards for easy visualizations backed with the speed and flexibility of Qlik's Associative Engine support for guided analytics embedding analytics with interactivity

Qlik Adoption Roadmap

An increasing adoption rate of Qlik analytics

Qlik Sense configuration

Designing, development, testing, implementations, and configuration of Qlik Sense solutions

We have proven perfection in Qlik Sense implementation , and configuration to support business objectives of manufacturing, HR, finance, retail, healthcare, and other sectors. We specialize in providing simple and limitless analytics delivered by Qlik Sense integration. Qlik Sense managed services , consultancy services, training, and support services provided by us have helped numbers of businesses to improve their competitive performance in different operational domains. To know, how we can help you, get in touch with our certified Qlik Sense experts .

Qlik Sense consultancy

Qlik Sense Benefits

Qlik Sense supports multiple analytics use cases related to data governance, collaboration, and pixel-perfect reporting. The built-in ‘Associative Engine’ connects and indexes relationships between all the data points to develop actionable insights. As a #1 Qlik Sense consultancy , training, solutions, and support services provider, Antixx TechHub has all the facilities to maximize Qlik Sense benefits for your organization.

Data integration and data linking is easy because of its associative model.

A platform, suitable for enterprise ecosystem, simplifies the development of extensible and customizable APIs with data integration using a multi-cloud platform

Users irrespective to data analytics skills and capabilities can draw objective-oriented data-driven insights by using data discovery and augmented graphics features

Project-based proven expertise

Qlik Sense makes analytics faster for organizations by using a drag-and-drop feature to build analytics-rich apps

Simplified combining SaaS, on-premise, and hybrid multi-cloud deployments with multi-cloud architecture.

A centralized hub facilitates all the users for sharing data, information, reports, and applications

Qlik Sense offers flexible yet the advanced security provisions

Improves performance in all the major areas of functioning like scalability, processing, data security, collaboration, etc.

Closes the gaps between real-time data, insights, and actions

Active Intelligence by Qlik Sense provides ‘in-the-moment’ insights to drive an immediate optimized action.

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