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Cloud-based commerce platform, powered by Salesforce, helps businesses to stay competitive and growing in the global marketplace by delivering a unified shopping experience and driving maximum revenue with profitability. As a leading Salesforce Commerce Cloud company with proven expertise, Antixx TechHub offers tailored-to-need Salesforce Commerce Cloud solutions and service support to help you identify the gaps and fill them up by incorporating the technical excellence of cloud technology.

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What is Salesforce Commerce Cloud?

Salesforce Commerce Cloud, an integral part of the Salesforce Customer Success platform, is used by the major global retail brands like Adidas, Burton, Puma, and Lacoste. The cloud-based highly scalable software-as-a-service (SaaS) ecommerce solution offers best-in-class features, functionalities solutions capabilities to provide user-friendly monitored and scalable ecommerce experience. The popular ecommerce as a SaaS solution frees eCommerce businesses from the changing demands to follow a technical roadmap that is must to stay ahead of the curve if committed to use the best ecommerce features. Salesforce Commerce Cloud is being seen as the best affordable tool to maximize revenue, reduce costs, and increase sales as well to build because it strengthens trusted relationships.

Salesforce supports the complete customer journey across all major functions including commerce, marketing, sales, customer service, communities, and more. As leading , Commerce Cloud services providers we help eCommerce businesses to improve customer journey across all the major domains including commerce, customer service, marketing, sales, communities, and others. Our certified Salesforce Commerce Cloud experts have proven proficiency to integrate Commerce Cloud into other Salesforce clouds that empowers you to improve the entire customer lifecycle spanning across branding, acquisition, purchase, fulfillment, advocacy, and retention.

Fifteen Salesforce Commerce Cloud Features And Capabilities

Being one of the top Salesforce Commerce Cloud vendors, we have the best Salesforce skills to leverage the benefits of Commerce Cloud integration, implementation, and configuration. Our Salesforce specialists optimize each feature, functionality, and capability in line with identified requirements to keep the entire cost under the budget. The key 15 features and capabilities of Salesforce Commerce Cloud are:

Product management

Multi-Site management

Real-time reports and dashboards

Responsive mobile design

Catalog management

Campaigns management

Customer catalog entitlements

Native targeting and A/B testing

Marketing and merchandising tools

Targeted promotion management

Customer segmentation

Pre-built Integrations

Comprehensive development platform

Customer and segment-specific pricing

In-store extensions

Nine Benefits of Salesforce Commerce Cloud Configuration

Why are the numbers of businesses embracing Salesforce Commerce Cloud increasing so fast? Almost all the eCommerce brands use the power of social media platforms to engage millions of consumers. The global commerce cloud market size is projected to reach USD 55.67 billion by 2027 @ CAGR of 20.8 %. As the #1 Salesforce Commerce Cloud consultancy, solutions, training, and services support agency, Antixx TechHub has unique customer-centric approach to maximize the benefits of Commerce Cloud implementation and configuration.

Enhanced marketing capabilities

It helps you connect the right customers with the right product category, variety, price segment, promotional offer, and specific content. Salesforce Commerce Cloud configuration supports your business growth like one-stop solution to managing paid advertising, social media management, reporting tasks, and email marketing campaigns, etc.

Predictive Intelligence

Einstein AI feature of Salesforce Commerce Cloud empowers eCommerce businesses to maximize the automation benefits of artificial intelligence and data analysis. It simplifies the proactive decision-making process driven by real-time performance reports.

Optimized conversion funnel

Get the revenue benefit by reducing abandoned carts by implementing the best practices like saved carts, payment accelerators, optimized checkout flows, etc.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud Configuration
Commerce Cloud implementation

Innovation and Scalability

It allows you to use developer-friendly JavaScript-based tools for objective-oriented innovation to cater to ever-changing business requirements.

Boost Online Marketing Revenue

The data analytics n accurate insights help you optimize B2B functions to meet the diverse requirements of your channel partners.

Power to Engage Untapped Customers

Staying connected with potential customers 24/7 is a plus point for eCommerce stores; the customized Salesforce Commerce Cloud solutions do the same. It allows you to integrate customer data with CRM, monitoring sales flows, conversions rate, and all other merchandising activities.

Enhanced Global Market Reach

Salesforce Commerce Cloud provides ready-to-go capabilities for globalization that facilitate you to expand your market reach beyond geographical borders.

Simplified content management

The professional Commerce Cloud service support allows you to stay ahead in the competitive world of B2C commerce because developing a stunning e-commerce website as per particular requirements is simplified. Einstein Product Recommendations provides insights about the most relevant content for the particular customer segment based on device type, geographical area, or language.

Hassle-free Ordering

Hassle-free ordering process is an integral part of customer experience policy; the Lightning order management add-on feature of Salesforce Commerce Cloud helps you customize the inventory, self-service options, overstocking, processing, shipping, delivery status, etc.

Commerce Cloud service support
Salesforce B2B Commerce

Salesforce B2C Commerce And Salesforce B2B Commerce

B2B ecommerce solutions help businesses to simplify the online buying process to improve user experience and to generate more revenue. It makes B2B ecommerce interactions relevant, connected, and seamless. It allows you to customize your B2B ecommerce website to fit the needs of specific industries. ECommerce businesses get additional advantage of increased subscription sales, automated renewals, and recurring revenue while reducing costs.

B2C ecommerce solutions help businesses to innovate, monitor, scale, analyze, and reach the goals faster. Salesforce B2C ecommerce integration helps eCommerce businesses convert more visitors into shoppers/customers and to empower customer service teams. Simplified ordering and payments improve commercial performance. Personalized merchandising attracts more shoppers, strengthens customer loyalty, and increases conversion rates.

Services We Offer As Salesforce Commerce Cloud Consultant & Solutions Providers

More than 50% of retail purchases are completed through digital channels. Our certified Salesforce experts build customized eCommerce cloud solutions to boost up your business growth by unifying customer experience across mobile, social, web, etc. We have dedicated teams of Salesforce Commerce Cloud specialists to accomplish the particular tasks therefore, we assure every project is completed with the ultimate customer experience. The Salesforce Commerce Cloud services we offer with excellence are:

Salesforce Commerce Cloud Consultant

Salesforce Commerce Cloud Support Services

    Salesforce Commerce Cloud Consulting
    Salesforce B2B and B2C Chain Transformation
    Salesforce Integration
    Salesforce Commerce Cloud Implementation
    Salesforce B2B Commerce Cloud
    Salesforce B2C Commerce Cloud
    Salesforce Commerce Cloud Customization

Scope of Services

    Salesforce B2B and B2C solutions, Integration, implementation, and configuration, Marketing strategy, Productivity improvement,Functionality upgrade
    Salesforce Commerce Cloud distribution, chain personalized shopping experience across the channels
    Integration with third-party channels to help you sell more
    Implementing SFCC solutions on a custom platform created as per your business requirements
    B2B commerce solution developed to help you optimize daily B2B operations and sales team
    Converting daily visitors into potential customers
    Improving operational management and customer experience
Salesforce Commerce Cloud Support Services

Why hire Antixx TechHub as Salesforce Commerce Cloud Agency

We are committed to provide industry-best services for Salesforce Commerce Cloud solutions integration, implementation, configuration as well as objective-oriented consultancy and personalized training, and 24x7 services support. Over the years, we have served a number of enterprises to boost up their performance, revenue growth, and profitability. There are a plethora of reasons to choose us as your Salesforce Commerce Cloud partner:

Salesforce Commerce Cloud Agency
Scalable business solutions
Flexibility, Efficiency, and Automation
Agile Scrum Methodology ensures 100% customer satisfaction
Finest on-time Salesforce integration, implementation, and configuration services
Perfection in integrating Offshore/Onshore models
Expertise in Salesforce products and different industry verticals
An in-house team of dedicated certified Salesforce consultants

We always try to be the best support to you as possible

Qualify your leads & recognize the value of word your customer will love you.