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Connecting with more numbers of people who can contribute to your business performance and growth is a must have strategic approach. Salesforce Community Cloud keeps you connected with employees, existing customers, potential shoppers, vendors, and stakeholders. The professional integration, implementation, and configuration of Salesforce Community Cloud solutions by Antixx TechHub help you keeping customers, employees, volunteers, stakeholders, donors, others connected.

What is Salesforce Community Cloud?

Salesforce Community Cloud is a digital experience platform created by Salesforce to help businesses across industries to better improve reach and better manage their relationships with partners, employees, and customers. The segmented communities created over this platform can be used to get clients’ feedback, provide customer support, training, lead qualification, and other objectives.

Salesforce Community Cloud Solutions
#1 Salesforce Community Cloud service company

Salesforce Community Cloud Features and Capabilities

Being a #1 Salesforce Community Cloud service company with years of existence, we have the best skill pool to provide consultancy, solutions, training, and services support strictly in line with your business goals. Our Salesforce Community Cloud solutions fill the performance gaps and Salesforce Community Cloud support service improves availability of your business services. We have proven expertise in optimizing Community Cloud features and capabilities.

Community Cloud services we offer

Salesforce Communities Implementation

Create custom Community Cloud features, apps, business workflows to make everything Lightning-ready and mobile-ready.

Integration of Third-Party Software

Community Cloud integration with third-party services and data sources ensuring compatibility between Community Cloud and Salesforce services.

Community Cloud consulting

Solutions development to improve coordination of teams and task accomplishment quality support to maximize gains of Community Cloud implementation.

Knowledge Base And User Base Management

Migration of knowledge base to SFDC,integration with external databases,implementing login protocols.

Salesforce Community Cloud Training

Objective-oriented online training to concerned professionals the improve their comfort in using integrated Community Cloud solutions.

Community Cloud consulting

Why You Need to Hire Salesforce Community Cloud Vendor - Benefits

Salesforce Community Cloud provides a number of benefits to help businesses strengthen their relationships inside and outside of their organizations. Post integration of Community Cloud, the intelligence, operations, and experience work cordially cross-channel commerce. Community Cloud Omnichannel gives businesses enhanced control over community management you by providing AI driven insights into engagement, community development, transactions, customer service, analytics, and relationship building. The AI driven data-analytics help team leaders for proactive decision making. Our Salesforce Community Cloud consultants and SFCC developers have certified capabilities to leverage the benefits of Community Cloud configuration:

Salesforce Community Cloud Vendor
    Improved relationships with partners and customers
    Improved brand awareness and credibility
    Considerable saving of time and costs for repetitive and unfruitful operations
    Improved product/service by incorporating users’ feedback and insights about visitors’ behavior
    Much better customer support because of availability of large knowledge base
    Enhance engagement and performance of employees because of seamless information sharing through any device
    Faster website development as Salesforce provides multi-corporate website development tools

Why Hire Antixx Techhub As Salesforce Community Cloud Service Provider

The Salesforce ecosystem facilitates three types of Community Cloud implementation - Partner, Internal (Employee), and Customer. We have time tested capabilities to leverage the benefits of Salesforce Community Cloud training, consultancy, solution integration, and services support. Over the years, our Salesforce experts have helped numbers of businesses to achieve projected growth rate by integrating tailored-to-need future-ready Salesforce Community Cloud solutions. We assure you a justified ROI for embracing the ITSM and CRM powers of Community Cloud because you get dependable service support to remarkably improve:

Social Media Management to boost engagement, performance, and growth
Task And Project Management bridging the communication gap
Community Setup to manage Account Portal, Custom, Partner, Customer Service, etc.
Content Management to develop and manage personalized business content for effective communication with different communities
Automation In Communities to share leads, records, and contacts with your channel partners
Data Sharing to share real-time data-analytics to all the concerned partners, product specialists, and other team members

Community Cloud features and capabilities

Mobile friendly

Ensures businesses that their online communities can get the desired information at least efforts and collaborate to stay informed through multiple devices across the world.

Enhanced Scalability

Helps businesses to manage traffic spikes, scale the traffic automatically, monitor online behavior of visitors, build fast loading web pages, ensure secure transactions, etc.


SFCC provides a variety of pre-built templates and themes to allow businesses choose the best suitable in line of business nature and marketing strategy.


Helps businesses to apply a personalized approach to strengthen relationships with partners and customers, facilitates to provide required information that they need faster.

Advanced Marketing Tools

Help businesses to provide relevant information and product to their customers to improve average order value and maximize conversion rates.

Predictive Intelligence

Salesforce built Einstein AI eliminates the requirement of manual data analysis and third-party extensions.

Business Integration

Allows connecting and integrating data from 3rd party sources.

Lightning Bol

Helps businesses to create communities and portals that can be integrated with Salesforce.


Allows businesses to create online communities of active members for brand strengthening and engagement.

Community Management & Analytics

Provides data-driven insights about community members’ behavior and particular interests the extracted information helps businesses to reform and optimize their services and products as per changing quality parameters and preferences of end users.

Salesforce Community Cloud Licenses

Salesforce offers three types of community cloud licenses:

Partner Community

Partner Community

The highest license tiers are the best for the B2B businesses, where the sale is accomplished through the supply chain or distribution channels. It allows access to Salesforce objects like opportunities, campaigns, and leads. It is the best choice for partner relationship management for dealer sites and retailers.


Customer Community Plus

The advanced version of the Salesforce customer community license, it is good for B2B, and B2C businesses. It allows access to dashboards and reports with many sharing options.

Customer Community Plus
Salesforce Community Cloud specialists

Customer Community

It is the best choice for customer portals or peer-to-peer forums having thousands of users or members. Selecting the appropriate Community Cloud license for external users may seem to you a challenging task; don’t worry; our Salesforce Community Cloud specialists will help you have the best fit to your needs well under the budget.

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