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Antixx TechHub offers cost-effective Salesforce Integration Cloud services to help you integrate data and apps from anywhere to anywhere for a seamless experience. Our Salesforce Integration Cloud solutions and managed support services enable you to innovate faster with data-driven insights driving the otherwise missing business growth potential. Our Salesforce-certified experts have years of experience to devise objective-oriented solutions to enable you to integrate data from different systems and automate vivid complex tasks to manage and improve connected customer experience.

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Benefits of Salesforce Cloud Integration Advantages of Salesforce Integration

We are providing custom-to-need Salesforce integration, implementation, configuration, and service support over the years during the journey, we have helped numbers of businesses to improve performance at all the key stages to achieve target growth rates. Why do you need to hire a Salesforce Cloud Integration company ? The Salesforce Cloud Integration programmers analyze your business requirements and devise the best course of action to assure maximum benefits of Salesforce Cloud Integration implementation and configuration:

Salesforce Cloud Integration programmers
Cost Savings because of the availability of ‘pay-as-you-go’ system
Strengthened security for secure data and information processing and storage
Leveraged advantage of Cloud technology integration
Improved collaboration between team members for faster task completion with reduced bottlenecks
Enhanced flexibility to reduce and manage silos
Data-driven real-time Insights for quick decision making
Increased collaboration for faster proceedings
Disaster recovery to keep valuable information intact
Loss Prevention after natural disasters
Automated Software Updates reduce the workload on IT teams
Competitive edge because of having automation power of Cloud solutions
Sustainability because of powering virtual services

Salesforce Cloud Integration Features

Salesforce Cloud Integration empowers multiple types of integration including data integration, API integration, user interface integration, business logic integration, etc. We help you integrate Salesforce with any cloud or on-premise system to improve your digital performance. When you trust Antixx TechHub for being the best Salesforce Integration Cloud vendor , you can be sure of getting the maximum advantage of each feature that our Salesforce specialists integrate for a reason:

Advance the business operations by investing in customized scalable services
SOAP API (For system-to-system integration & back-end system communication
Streaming API (Event-Driven Architecture to send notifications)
Bulk API (To mange high volumes of messages)
Interconnect new systems to legacy systems
Outbound Message (To send back a message of acknowledgment)
Web Service Callouts (Programmatic to manage synchronous timing requirements)
Salesforce Connect (Allows to view and edit data from an external source in Salesforce- Data virtualization)
Heroku Connect (Platform-as-a-service (PaaS) support to monitor and scale apps to manage infrastructure obstacles)
Salesforce Integration Cloud vendor

Salesforce Integration Cloud Services Offered by Antixx TechHub

As a certified Salesforce Integration Cloud consultant, we provide comprehensive support services for the integration and deployment of tailored-to-need solutions process as per your business-specific needs. Being one of the top Salesforce Integration Cloud Services providers , we help you reconcile data between two platforms and swift switching between them. The Salesforce Integration Cloud services, you will be surely interested in, are:

Sales and Marketing Automation Integration

Integration of various tools with Salesforce to introduce automation in marketing practices to make them deliver better results.

Computer Telephony Integration

Our Salesforce Cloud Integration experts integrate top phone systems with Salesforce to empower you to promote sales and increase service quality.

Website & ecommerce Integration

Integration of all the top eCommerce platforms with Salesforce to create, conduct personalized marketing campaigns, boost revenue, and improve customer experience.

Accounting Integration

Salesforce integration with accounting applications like QuickBooks and Xero to enable sharing of financial data across the departments that help you improve customer profiles, expedite invoices, track transactions, and improve estimates based on data-driven insights.

Collaboration Apps Integration

Salesforce Integration Cloud services under this category include integration of Collaboration systems to store company documents, emails, files, etc. more effectively. It reduces downtime, issues of data duplication, and provides flexible solutions for collaboration.

ERP Integration

Integration with SAP, Oracle, NetSuite, etc. to improve cooperation between front and back offices. It allows sales teams to get up-to-date information about clients’ orders, invoices, inventory, shipments, etc.. Automated up-to-date sales data decreases inventory expenses.

ITSM Integration

We integrate numbers of IT tools like JIRA, ServiceNow, BMC Remedy to narrow the gap between tech and service departments in a customer-centric environment.

Calendar & Email Integration

Integration of contacts and meetings with Salesforce and third-party calendars helps you increase productivity and efficiencies.

Social Media Integration & Automation

Salesforce Integration Cloud allows automated social integration with all the popular social platforms to improve customer experience and engagement. It enables salespeople to track customers’ social activities as well as strengthens brand image in social channels.

What is Salesforce Integration Cloud?

Salesforce users often used to face issues while reconciling data between two platforms while switching between them to perform specific activities. Salesforce Integration Cloud resolves this issue by providing them a centralized platform to merge Salesforce data and functionalities with other applications. Salesforce integration is a process of merging Salesforce data and functionality with other applications to provide users a unified experience. Integration Cloud includes - Integration Platform, Integration Builder, Integration Experiences, Lightning Flow, and Salesforce Einstein.

Salesforce Integration Cloud empowers the teams by providing an ideal mix of features related to both platforms. MuleSoft, Salesforce, Slack, and Tableau, bring collaboration to a new level. Are you ready to experience much-needed benefits of having a competitive edge by connecting your apps and customers with your IT teams, sales, and service systems for a meaningful engagement across your business?

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Salesforce Integration Cloud managed support

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We are providing Salesforce Integration Cloud managed support services over the years at competitive prices ensuring the best possible advantages of Salesforce integration, implementation, and configuration. We have dedicated Salesforce Cloud Integration professionals for custom-to-need consultancy, training, and solutions. To know how ‘we can help you with Salesforce Cloud Integration solutions and support services, get in touch with our Salesforce Cloud Integration consulting experts:

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Team collaboration tools

Survey software

Customer engagement apps

Salesforce developers

Approaches for Salesforce Cloud Integration

Two major approaches are applied for Salesforce Cloud integration – 1. App-based, 2. code-based. As a leading Salesforce channel partner, we have the best certified Salesforce developers to maximize the benefits of whatever approach you choose.

App-based Salesforce Integration is based on using dedicated applications that enable users to integrate data between two apps to develop a unified platform. Code-based Salesforce Integration is carried out by using a programming language in addition to using dedicated applications also.

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