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Customers make purchases by using multiple channels like phone, email, mobile apps, text, and web expecting the shortlisted businesses to deliver seamless, continuous, and consistent experience across channels. On the other side, businesses want to tap each sales opportunity by using every single piece of information about customers, marketing practices, and sales growth. The customized Salesforce Marketing Cloud integration, implementation, and configuration help businesses to make their marketing and sales practices more effective to perform better. To help you here in diverse marketing and sales domains, Antixx TechHub offers tailored-to-need Marketing Cloud consultancy, solutions, training, and services support.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Services Provider

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Products/Tools

Being the top Salesforce Marketing Cloud vendor , we have proven specialization in optimizing powerful Salesforce marketing tools to deliver a seamless experience across all the customer touch points. The top ten marketing products or tools offered by Salesforce Marketing Cloud are:

Journey Builder

Allows to develop 1:1 automated customer journey across the marketing departments and channels.


Allows developing effective connections, creating new pipelines, and increasing leads by automating marketing tasks.

Advertising Studio

Allows to integrate digital 1-to-1 advertising with marketing data and CRM to create personalized customer experience.

Data Studio

Allows finding potential audience, data provision, and data acquisitions. It helps to increase revenue by monetizing data with security.

Email Studio

Allows to create and run personalized email marketing campaigns with automated message support to target the particular segment of audience.

Mobile Studio

Allows to reach target customers on any device through personalized targeted mobile interactions. The use of push notification, SMS, and group messaging improve marketing results.


Allows businesses to use a single platform for using the available marketing data/information across channels for KPIs, investments, and decisions. A single marketing dashboard provides all the data-driven insights to evaluate, connect, and decide.

Social Studio

Allows to listen customers, publish the relevant content, and engage customers through all the popular social media platforms. It helps to unify marketing team with sales team and services team.

Interaction Studio

Allows to visualize, track, and manage customers’ experience by real-time interaction management. Forecasting about next conversations, connecting interactions by customers, and triggering the event at right time combined together improve marketing results remarkably .

Audience Studio

Allows to capture and activate objective relevant data from all the data sources connected to unified data management system. It helps to access new data to find new audience. It also allows to create a single view to have information of each customer using data from several sources including Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, or other sources.

What is Salesforce Marketing Cloud?

Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a future ready digital marketing automation suite of tools that help businesses for improving marketing strategies by using data analytics. Marketing Cloud platform by Salesforce takes care of management concerns related to all the digital marketing domains including content marketing, Content management, data analytics, web personalization, content building, customer influence, social media activities, email campaigns, mobile friendliness, etc. The powerful marketing platform developed by Salesforce provides multiple tools to help businesses manage and continually improve marketing strategies and campaigns to achieve the projected growth performance.

Why You Need To Hire Salesforce Marketing Cloud Service Company - The Benefits

By hiring Antixx TechHub for Salesforce Marketing Cloud integration, implementation, and configuration, you can be sure of getting the best ROI. We have an in-house team of Marketing Cloud specialists with years of experience and proven expertise to build a robust strategy, develop the objective-oriented solutions, and seamlessly implement customized solutions to support your marketing performance with competitive advantages.

By implementing Salesforce Marketing Cloud solutions, you get a customer's unified view by collecting, connecting, and analyzing data from multiple devices and sources
You can use third-party data to understand the customers’ behavior to improve marketing strategy
Integration of AI and Einstein tools empower businesses to manage data and interactions
You get additional capabilities to listen your customers and to resolve their queries in a personalized manner
Salesforce Marketing Cloud configuration provides two-way real-time engagement with customers for enhanced awareness and transparency
Integration of AI and the digital tool Google Analytics 360 supports marketing cloud analyses for end-to-end effectiveness of existing marketing strategies across devices and digital marketing channels
Salesforce Marketing Cloud platform is effective to manage both B2C or B2B marketing
Salesforce Marketing Cloud Service Company

How Antixx Techhub Helps You As Salesforce Marketing Cloud Support Agency

Being a leading ITSM agency with specialization in Salesforce products and experience of serving numbers of businesses by integrating Salesforce Marketing Cloud solutions, Antixx TechHub has all the capabilities to leverage the benefits of Marketing Cloud solutions integration. You can trust us to get the best ROI for embracing Salesforce to give an edge to your marketing practices. We help you increase user adoption and increase user satisfaction without reliance on coding and external technical support. As a top Salesforce Marketing Cloud service agency, we have the best skill to help you:

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Support
Gathering real-time data-driven insights about customer communication by Interaction Studio integration
Capturing and processing new data from several devices and sources by Audience Studio integration
Advancing marketing campaigns by Google Marketing Platform integration
Making your digital marketing advanced by Datorama integration
Create and manage targeted email marketing campaigns
Strengthening social media presence by Social Studio integration
Improving customer communication by Journey Builder integration
Skip the time-consuming hectic back and forth practices between teams
Improve outcome of guided marketing and sales practices
Reduce marketing and sales costs with better customer engagement and strengthened band image

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Services Offered By Antixx Techhub

Integrate Salesforce Marketing Cloud with your existing operational system to make your digital campaigns more effective to deliver expected results. Salesforce Marketing Cloud consulting and implementation services allow you to know the customers better, keep them engaged better across their journey, and deliver personalized experience across all the channels. Being a Salesforce Marketing Cloud consultant and solution company, Antixx TechHub offers a range of Salesforce Marketing Cloud services to help you automate, manage, and operate your digital marketing campaigns:

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Implementation

We provide enterprise-level implementation services perfectly aligned with existing system.

Marketing Cloud Product Customization

We provide tailor-made solutions as per your business needs.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Migration

We migrate your existing digital marketing platform securely to Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Consulting

We provide a roadmap by reviewing your ecosystem, identifying business challenges, and analyzing available customer data.

Marketing Cloud Support & Maintenance

We provide support for training or managing integrated Salesforce Marketing Cloud products/solutions.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Integration

We integrate the Salesforce Marketing Cloud into the existing systems allows you access to all the data/information of customers and employees.

Unleash the time-tested benefits of Salesforce Marketing Cloud integration, implementation, and configuration our Salesforce Marketing Cloud support team is just a call away to demonstrate the value and scope of Salesforce Marketing Cloud training, consultancy, solutions, and services support.

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