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Antixx TechHub is providing tailored-to-need Salesforce Service Cloud solutions, Service Cloud managed services , and Service Cloud trainings over the years to help businesses improve service quality and CRM effortlessly. Over the journey , the company has become a top choice of increasing number of small to medium organizations and enterprise businesses looking for seamless affordable solutions to improve services quality in an automated scalable way.

Salesforce Service Cloud Service Providers

What is Lightning Salesforce Service Cloud ?

Lightning Service Cloud, the world’s leading customer relationship management (CRM) platform, is designed to help service professionals to help them streamline and automate service processes and workflows. Salesforce Service Cloud Lightning automatically responds to customers concerns across multiple platforms and routes the case to the suitable agent. The customizable features and capabilities of Service Cloud enable businesses to foster customer relationships remarkably by improving service standard consistently the result is collective performance improvement accelerating their growth rate. Salesforce service cloud is suite of different modules that can be customized and integrated to address the particular concerns:

Lightning Salesforce Service Cloud
Service Cloud Console
Communities tool
Salesforce Knowledge
Service Cloud Reporting

Why You Need to Hire Salesforce Service Cloud Agency - Challenges We resolve

One wrong move in service management significantly impacts the field service staff efficiency, customer satisfaction levels, and service staff productivity. The number of businesses managing services without integration of modern technologies are struggling survive n grow just because of low customer satisfaction level and increased service costs eating revenue. The modern age businesses are focused more to resolve the challenges they face in effective service management and, we as being the #1 Service Cloud consultant and service solution providers help you resolve service management challenges intelligently in an automated way:

Scheduling conflict
Silos in work order managemen
Chaotic Manual route plannin
Miscommunication because of lack of updated informatio
Payment issues and longer payment cycl
Low level Customer satisfactio
Low first-time fix rate increases service cost
Salesforce Service Cloud Agency

Benefits of Hiring Salesforce Service Cloud Third-Party Vendor

According to Customer Relationship Survey report, Service Cloud solutions may help businesses to achieve:

Service Cloud Third-Party Vendor
Up to 45% increment in customer retention
UP to 47% increment in agent’s productivity
Up to 31% faster case resolution
Up to 22% reduction in support cost
Up to 35% improvement in customer satisfaction

Other than the above, the commonly experienced benefits of hiring a reputed Salesforce Salesforce Service Cloud 3rd-party vendor include

Personalized customer experience
Improved efficiency of customer service departments
Updated insights about the latest trends in customer service support
Empowerment to customers to resolve many issues themselve
Reduced workload of customer service team
Cloud computing and apps allow to service teams to interact on the go with customers
Improved information sharing between different stakeholders
Salesforce Service Cloud 3rd-party vendor

Salesforce Service Cloud Features and Capabilities

Service Cloud offers a set of features and capabilities to help businesses have competitive edge for customer service quality. In the role of a dependable Service Cloud consultancy and service provider, Antixx TechHub deploys the best Salesforce experts to optimize each Service Cloud feature and capability and line with the audited requirements, business goals, service model, etc. The key Service Cloud features and capabilities that make it a globally preferred CRM suite for service management are:


Automatically captures emails received in your support address mail inbox and transforms them into cases.

Einstein AI

Empowers service agents to offer special order discounts, free shipping offer, or free wish-list items.


Reduces manual processes by sending auto-reply emails to customers.

Knowledge Base

Helps agents to find the answers quickly so that they could resolve the cases faster.

Live Chat & Chat Bots

Offers real-time support through live chat or automated chat bots.

Omni-Channel Supervisor

Allows service managers to monitoring teams’ activity, individual’s performance, and collective productivity. It also simplifies distributing cases based on skills, availability, and workload.

Social Customer Service

Maximizes the use of social listening features to resolve customer cases promptly. It defines service level agreement and response time on all the popular social channels.

Cloud Integration with Customers’ Communities

Developing self-service system to reduce workload on service teams and to enhance customer experience.

Service Cloud Consulting

Building customized digital service strategy as is required to address particular concerns in service domain.

Service Cloud Integration with Commerce

Enabling eCommerce businesses to deliver unified customer service across.

Case Management

Makes the service processes more cost-effective and efficient by customizing case escalation rules based on specific keywords, case age, numbers of time a case is reopened, and other criteria.

Einstein Analytics for Service
Einstein Analytics for Service

Deployment of Einstein Analytics to make your service team smarter and intelligent for taking preventive measures and manage service issues.

Thorough Health Check-ups

Ensuring the structural and functional integrity of Service Cloud in line of compliance.

Custom Solution Development

Customized Service Cloud solutions development to improve revenue by reducing service costs.

Migration to Service Cloud

Seamless migration to Service Cloud to improve processes, scalability, productivity, security, etc.

Service Cloud Certification Trainings

Salesforce Service Cloud Certification Trainings

Antixx TechHub, one of the top Service Cloud vendors, conducts robust instructor-led training Service Cloud Certification Trainings. We have the best experienced Service Cloud trainers who follow the widest-scoped curriculum to help the trainees pass Salesforce Service Cloud certification exams easily without any disturbance to their professional schedules. After successful completion of Service Cloud training, participants feel more confident with certified credentials to perform new tasks in advanced job roles like:

  • Field Services Lightning Consultant
  • Platform Developer
  • Service Cloud Consultant
  • System Architect
  • Pardot Consultant/Pardot Specialist
  • Application Architect
  • Mobile Solutions Architecture Designer
  • Technical Architect

Why Choose Antixx TechHub as Service Cloud Managed Services Provider

We have years of experience and global exposure in developing blueprints to help businesses improve optimized CRM so that they could make their service support prompt, streamlined, automated, efficient, and scalable. The easy availability of specialists for task-oriented roles make you feel confident of hiring the best Salesforce Service Cloud service provider:

  • Fixed-price Salesforce Service Cloud support service models
  • Experienced in-house Service Cloud specialists
  • Monitoring to ensure quality and customer-satisfaction
  • Flexible customer-oriented approach
  • Years of experience in providing Service Cloud support services in global marketplace
  • Experience of serving businesses in different sectors
Service Cloud Managed Services Provider
Service Cloud Support Services Provider

What We Do As Service Cloud Consultant & Service Cloud Support Services Provider

With proven expertise as a Service Cloud consultant and Service Cloud third party vendor, Antixx TechHub helps you to integrate, configure, and implement custom-to-need Salesforce Lightning Service Cloud with existing systems. We also conduct virtual Service Cloud training to train your service team members to maximize the benefits of Service Cloud implementation.

Over the years, we have served numbers of small to medium to large size businesses, commercial establishments, and other enterprises by integrating, implementing, and configuring tailored-to-need Salesforce Service Cloud solutions. Being the top-performing Service Cloud implementation specialists, we have the best skill pool to manage and support integrated Salesforce Service Cloud services to help you improve CRM remarkably. Service Cloud services we offer include but not limited.

FAQs for Graphics Designing Services, Company, and Support Antixx TechHub

Q1. How does Service Cloud help me improve customers’ loyalty, retention, and satisfaction for my business? Service Cloud makes your customer service frictionless; therefore, customers are more likely to be loyal to your product or service. Service Cloud empowers agents with advanced tools to help them resolve issues faster delivering an outstanding customer experience. Q2. How does Service Cloud increase productivity of agents? Salesforce Lightning Service Cloud console is equipped with many features to improve the capabilities of agents. The features like skills-based routing, email to case, comprehensive knowledge base, macros, and milestone tracking help agents to resolve issues quickly and efficiently across the channels. Q3. What is a Service Cloud self-service community? Service Cloud self-service community is a portal that allows your service users to help themselves to resolve the issues. The knowledge base is made available to customers, so, they can get answers to their queries anytime across devices. Also, it reduces workload of service agents. Q4. How are businesses using Service Cloud to improve their customer relationships? The increasing numbers of businesses are coming forward to embrace the technical excellence of Salesforce Service Cloud because of coming across the shared experiences of Service Cloud users. Businesses are using Service Cloud solutions to improve customer satisfaction, loyalty, retention, and relationships by improving service standards and response time to resolving an issue. Q5. What is the cost of Service Cloud? Salesforce Service Cloud is available in for models- Essentials, Professional, Enterprise, and Unlimited. The cost, features, and capabilities of each Service Cloud module are different. Pricing details are available at-

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