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With a proven record of providing end-to-end support for SAP Analytics, the #1 SAP Analytics solutions provider Antixx TechHub ensures its clients for getting real-time insight into data using their custom-to-need solutions integrated in the SAP Analytics cloud. Under our SAP Analytics Services portfolio, our certified SAP Analytics specialists develop objective-oriented SAP strategies to embrace SAP Analytics Cloud in a seamless manner.

What is SAP Analytics?

Should I hire an SAP Analytics services provider? SAP Cloud Analytics Cloud is regarded as the next-generation cloud analytics solution powered by business intelligence (BI), machine learning (ML), predictive analytics, and collaborative planning capabilities. SAP Analytics Cloud, integrated as an analytics and planning solution within the SAP Business technology platform, support real-time task-specific insights and planning processes across the enterprise to help you make accurate decisions.

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How an SAP Analytics Services Company Helps You

When you hire a leading SAP Analytics Services Company for SAP Analytics integration or SAP Analytics Cloud consulting, the certified SAP professionals design a strategy and roadmap in line with exact requirements to address your concerns. The leading SAP Analytics consulting companies and solution providers help you in many ways:

SAP Analytics Services Company
Deciding right with an agile approach as per integrated planning and provided analysis
Converting insights into action ensuring the best user experience
Creating proactive plans to manage any scenario
Derive insights from valuable data
Utilize SAP data and analytics for informed decision making
Accelerate deployments as per the best prepackaged practices
Use ML technology to automate data-driven insight
To address specific business requirements by composing analytics apps

Why Should You Trust SAP Analytics Cloud solutions?

Is hiring an SAP Analytics Cloud managed services provider good to manage future challenges? Being an SAP Analytics Cloud Services provider with years of experience, we at Antixx TechHub can say with confidence that a partnership with a performing SAP Analytics vendor pays you back with a decent ROI. The prominent review portal, Gartner gives SaaS-based SAP Analytics Cloud 4.2/5 similarly, TrustRadius rated SAP Analytics 8.6 out of 10.

SAP Analytics Cloud managed services

Nine Benefits of Hiring an SAP Analytics Cloud Support Company

The custom-to-need SAP Analytics solutions empower businesses with low-code/no-code application design and transition to derive business-centric solutions. The availability of flexible and modular APIs, a library of reusable widgets, and open connectors increases the productivity of application developers.

Being the top-performing SAP Analytics Cloud support services company, Antixx TechHub has the industry-best trained certified SAP experts with proficiency in objective-oriented SAP Analytics Cloud configuration. We conduct SAP Analytics training also to make your team members comfortable in using all the SAP Analytics features and functionalities up to their full potential. The top nine benefits of SAP Analytics Cloud are:

SAP Analytics Cloud support services
On the Go Data

Allows integrating the SAP Analytics Cloud with S/4HANA and deploying it to Android and iOS devices.

Customizable Dashboards

Allows personalizing SAP Analytics Cloud dashboards in to eliminate the need to navigate through numbers of files and folders it also allows to access critical data via a launchpad.

Real-time Cloud Insights

The native language functionality simplifies gaining real-time insights for better decision-making.

Collaborative Planning

Drives filtration business processes to a single platform allowing companies to plan better in different verticals and domains like budget, forecasts, expansion, etc. Also, it connects SAC users through chat and comments.

Subscription-Based Saving

Because of being a subscription-based SaaS (software as a service), it offers ownership at a low cost.

Maximized Analytics

The integrated AI technology helps businesses gain insights faster about different aspects like sales revenue, employee performance, and specifics.

Predictive Capabilities

The provided data-driven predictive analysis helps managers to take proactive decisions to reduce risks and optimize the use of resources.

Rapid Setup

TAllows access to detailed documentation of models, data flows, and KPIs as well as it allows using a live connection or sample data to realize results faster.

Unified Access

It allows to access all the analytics content like SAP Business Objects Business Intelligence suite and 3rd-party solutions.

SAP Analytics Cloud Features and Capabilities

The ROI of SAP Analytics integration depends upon your success in hiring a good-to-perform SAP Analytics Cloud Consultant. When you hire Antixx TechHub as your SAP Analytics Cloud consultant and solution provider, you can be sure of getting the best return of investment. Our SAP Analytics specialists ensure a seamless SAP Analytics Cloud configuration without disturbing your ongoing processes while following robust data security practices.

The key features that justify outsourcing SAP Analytics Cloud managed services are:

Machine Learning

Data Discovery

Integrated Financial & Business Planning

Automated data cleansing

Predictive Analysis

Data exploration & visualization

Ad hoc analysis, query, and reporting

Use of custom widgets

Role-Based usage customization for users with different roles

Applications integration

Mobile extensions

Augmented Analytics (Analytics and data processing)

Business Intelligence


Smart Transformation


SAP Analytics Cloud Pricing

SAP offers several pricing options for SAP Analytics users. The common one is ‘Business Intelligence’ it includes self-service business intelligence and augmented analytics. The ‘Planning’ option is an advanced version that provides the extended ability to automate forecasts with predictive planning, simulate scenarios, and integration of planning with SAP S/4HANA. A 30-day free trial version of SAP Analytics is also available the free version can be extended for 90 days also upon request.

SAP Analytics Cloud Services Offered by Antixx TechHub:

Integration of multiple data sources with SAP Analytics Cloud: Solution design, architecture, Infrastructure, Data,Application, Project planning, etc

TSAP Analytics Cloud implementation, maintenance, and extension: Environment installation & configuration Development of functional & technical specifications, Development of custom code, Testing and quality assurance, etc

SAP Analytics Cloud consulting: Industry benchmarking, Governance program development, Data Management Organization (DMO)

SAP Analytics training and workshops

TSAP Analytics Cloud support: Go-Live support, Upgrades, Application maintenance, Application retirement, etc

SAP Analytics Cloud Pricing

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