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Antixx TechHub provides turnkey SAP Business Objects BI services and solutions to help organizations turn the data into valuable insights for quick decision-making by improving information sharing all across the organization and stakeholders.

SAP Business Objects BI Services

What is SAP Business Objects BI?

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The centralized suite developed for data visualization, sharing, and reporting, the SAP Business Objects provides a BI (business intelligence) layer for SAP’s Business Technology Platform. It helps organizations to convert data into task-specific useful insights. SAP Business Objects BI suite enables teams to make better decisions driven by shared insights. The SAP Business Objects platform can be used as a portal environment for an integrated reporting environment. SAP BO, an interface, uses different business tools related to front-end applications to view, customize, and sort different business objects in a compatible form. SAP BO is a reliable tool to analyze different metrics of BOs and related data.

On-premise deployment of SAP Business Objects needs a perpetual license and allows paying for the functionalities that you use. The deployment of the private cloud edition of SAP Business Objects needs subscription based on numbers of users. SAP consultants help organizations to share SAP Business Objects (BO) on multiple devices. On 17th June 2022, SAP released a statement regarding SAP Business Objects stating that a new version of the SAP Business Objects BI suite code named SAP Business Objects BI 2024 is available for managed cloud and on-premises environments.

What Should You Do to Integrate SAP Business Objects BI 2024?

Either approach to stay safe must be completed by 2027 – 1. Buy SAP Business Objects Private Cloud Edition and migrate to it. 2. Develop an alternative solution with SAP Analytics Cloud. SAP makes it easy to migrate to a cloud solution. Until then, you will get complete support for SAP BO. You are advised to discuss the plan with your SAP Business Objects managed services providerre.


An operational reporting tool enables report creators to design interactive reports and share them with different data sources.

Data Discovery

It helps SAP Business Objects developers to build real-time visualizations, applications, and dashboards to improve efficiency, identify opportunities, and assess risk.

Ad Hoc Query and Web Intelligence (WebI)

Web Intelligence driven by integrated reporting, querying, and information helps users to convert business insights into decision making.

Application & Dashboard Building (QAAWS, BI Web Services)

Query as a Web Service (QAAWS) allows to create and publish web services used for integrating data between an Xcelsius Dashboard and Business Objects Universe.

Mobile Deployment and Administration

The included components enable for deployment and administration of different tasks performed by IT and Business Intelligence (BI) Administrators to support mobile users.


The new component of the SAP BO provides an intuitive interface for data exploration for getting quick answers of miscellaneous business questions.

Database Middleware

As a middleware device, Business Objects Universe enables the end-users to interact with data without requiring the understanding of database logic or data locations.

Top Fifteen SAP Business Objects Feature

As a leading SAP Business Objects integration, implementation, configuration, consultancy, training, solutions, and support services provider, we have the best skills for optimized SAP BO deployment. The top features that makes SAP Business Objects a globally popular choice for Cloud-based data visualization, sharing, and reporting are.

Self-service features

Cross-enterprise sharing

Role-based dashboards

Real-time data analytics

Real-time updates

Large-scale data analysis

Sales trend analysis

Third-party integrations

Website analytics

Visual analytics


Customizable reports

Embedded analytics in Microsoft PowerPoint

Real time monitoring and reporting

Data connectors and data cleansing

Top Ten SAP Business Objects BI Tools

We provide cost-effective SAP Business Objects BI services optimized for the integration, implementation, and configuration of the required SAP BO tools. Our in-house SAP BO BI experts analyze your business requirements and identify the scope of improvement by deploying custom-to-need SAP Business Objects solutions in a seamless manner. The key SAP BO BI tools you can rely on to address many complex challenges and get numerous benefits are:

SAP Business Objects BI services

SAP Cloud

SAP Lumira

SAP Crystal Reports

SAP Design Studio

SAP Web Intelligence

SAP Digital Boardroom

SAP Roambi

SAP Business Objects Intercompany

SAP Business Objects Explorer

SAP Business Objects Dashboards

Challenges Addressed by SAP Business Objects BI

Why do you need to hire a SAP Business Objects service support agency? Being one of the top SAP Business Objects companies, we provide end-to-end SAP Business Objects support for Business Objects BI training, managed support services, and task-specific solutions. Our Business Objects BI specialists carve out a smooth roadmap to help you integrate and deploy SAP Business Objects BI solutions to help you manage critical challenges that harm your organizational performance and growth rate. The critical challenges, you can effectively address by SAP BO Business Intelligence integration, are:

Outdated and limited information hampers informed decision making

Lack of availability of easy-to-use BI tools for team members to perform better

Limited support for report creation that could provide a complete view of a business process

Manual time-consuming processes for data management and its objective-oriented usage up

Absence of charts, graphs, and unified dashboards required to faster processes

Outdated legacy system for information sharing and automated updates

Limited resources to support BI

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Ten Benefits of SAP Business Objects BI Consultancy & Solutions Integration

The global adoption rate of SAP Business Objects is increasing fast because of its salient benefits that users experience. SAP BO software covers almost 97% of Reporting/Analysis features and 73% of Data Warehousing functionalities. Offered as a SaaS solution, you can count it software as an operational expense rather than a capital expenditure. SAP Business Objects BI OnDemand provides you anytime access to employees, partners, and customers. The access to auto-updated real-time data and predictive analysis help you decide proactively to avoid risk. The top ten benefits of outsourcing SAP Business Objects solutions and SAP Business Objects consulting services are:

SAP Business Objects solutions

Information clarity and insight to enhance the ability to create queries and manage data analysis

Maintain long-term operational sustainability and financial growth

Reduced BI TCO (Total Cost of Ownership)

Better Streamlined Business Intelligence Operations

A user-friendly interface allows uploading data into a system effortlessly

A uniform environment over different devices for data analysis

SAP BI saves time, money, effort, and other resources

BI supports optimized KPI management in line with financial performance analysis

A single information space allows organizations for simultaneous proceedings

Customized access control system empowers managers to manage access to data/information for different users

SAP Business Objects BI Services and Solutions Provided by Antixx TechHub

As a leading SAP Business Objects BI services and solutions provider, Antixx TechHub has the best SAP-certified BI experts with years of experience in the integration of Business Objects BI features and capabilities. Being a prominent SAP partner, we have proven expertise in.

SAP data warehouse modeling

Migration and conversion

SAP BO modeling

Platform deployment

SAP ERP integration

Data quality management & data governance

Maintenance & distribution

Custom to application reporting & analysis

Gap analysis & health check

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Why Choose Antixx TechHub As a SAP Business Objects Services Provider & Consultant

Being a top-performing ITSM company, we have the industry-best SAP Business Objects specialists with deep insights into ‘what is required’, ‘why it is required’, ‘what to be delivered’, ‘how to deliver’, and ‘outcome’. Over the years, Antixx TechHub has become a top choice of businesses planning to hire a performance-oriented SAP Business Objects service partner because we offer:

SAP Business Objects specialists
Turnkey SAP Business Objects solutions
A range of objective-oriented oriented comprehensive SAP BI solutions
Competitively-priced support and services
Discovery and Inventory
Task-specific virtual training for using SAP Business Objects up to its full potential
Low-cost Business Objects BI consultancy
Easy availability of a dedicated SAP Business Objects expert

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