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To get the best out of SAP HANA integration, the infrastructure must ensure security, performance reliability, continuity in availability, and quality standards spanned over multiple clouds, on-premises, and hybrid architectures. Real-time data analytics is helping enterprises for smooth digital transformation that has become a must to survive and grow with a competitive edge in the global marketplace. Antixx TechHub, the leading third-party SAP vendor offers turnkey SAP HANA service support to help enterprises integrate S4 HANA/SAP HANA solutions for remarkable performance improvement.

What is SAP HANA Cloud?

SAP HANA is a single DBaaS foundation for analytics and integrating modern applications across enterprise data. Cloud-based SAP S/4HANA has unique capabilities to transform all critical business management operations. It enables businesses to analyze and predict accurately based on real-time data-driven insights. The multi-model database SAP HANA stores real-time data in its memory instead of storing it on a disk. SAP HANA data foundation drives businesses to make the right decisions based on live data.


What Are The Key Features of SAP HANA?

As a foremost SAP HANA consultancy and solutions provider company, Antixx TechHub has the best skills to leverage the potential of SAP HANA features and functionalities in line with analyzed requirements. The top ten SAP HANA features that benefit enterprises in multiple ways are:

Hybrid In-memory database

Extends workloads and footprints across on-premise and cloud environments to virtualized, distributed, or local data.

Application development tools

Microsoft Visual Studio Code and SAP Business Application Studio like tools for application development over SAP HANA.

Continuous monitoring

Automates advanced operations and performs core administration tasks while monitoring database performance.

Multi-tier data storage

Maximizes data value by optimization of performance, storage, and costs.

Secure setup

Encrypted and secure communication supported with the latest security upgrades

Transactional & analytical processing

Supports any type of data and runs workloads of different types.

Dependable disaster recovery and availability

Supports enterprises for continuous delivery cost-effectively.

Data virtualization

Provides 360-degree business visibility of data storage and real-time data across applications.

Data integration & replication

Acquires business intelligence from different data sources for any integration type.

Simplified application architecture

The dramatically simple application architecture fasters modern application development

Ten Benefits of SAP HANA Implementation

The ROI is the major concern of businesses while embracing any new technology the same is the case with hiring SAP HANA implementation agency. Being a #1 SAP HANA consulting and implementation services providers, we have proven capabilities to leverage of the benefits addressing performance and productivity oriented concerns effectively. The commonly shared top ten benefits of SAP HANA solutions integration are:

SAP HANA implementation
Total Data Management with SAP HANA database administration
Unparalleled Speed because SAP HANA pulls stored data from a RAM instead from a hard disc
Consistent efficiency because of advanced data compression and columnar storage that helps to manage large data sets
Enhanced performance because of easy access to real-time insights and entire database that helps IT team for accurate prediction and decision making
Flexibility to deploy SAP HANA on multiple, on-premise, public or private cloud platforms
AI and ML-powered automated processes increase productivity and improve customers’ experience
Functional versatility because SAP HANA supports hybrid transactions and analytical processing
Improved user experience because of its SAP Fiori interface based on HTML5
Increased sustainability because data gets stored in memory saving storage space and speeding up processes
Interactive reports because of the drill-down relationship of chart to the table, chart to chart, and table to table

SAP HANA Solutions & Service Support We Offer

We have been providing SAP HANA solutions, SAP HANA consultancy, and personalized SAP HANA service support over the years. Our certified SAP HANA experts have wide exposure to understanding the particular needs of businesses to fill up the identified gaps in real-time information access, accurate information sharing, data analytics, accurate decision-making, database management and other verticals of business operations. The experienced SAP HANA specialists integrate the best fit SAP HANA solutions to address the particular concerns for performance and user experience improvement. The quality SAP HANA services we offer in customized modules include.

SAP HANA experts
SAP HANA Migration & Optimization
SAP HANA implementation

End-to-end SAP HANA solutions implementation right from planning, installation, and configuration to seamless operations

SAP HANA Migration & Optimization

The low-cost and low-risk SAP HANA deployment options facilitate HANA migration and capabilities optimization.

HANA Code Optimization

Unhindered support services for SAP HANA code optimization that corresponds to the business’s needs and optimum technology usage.

HANA Cloud Integrations (HCI)

Comprehensive consulting support to administrators, configurators, and business analysts for SAP data management and integration.

SAP HANA Predictive Analytics

Development of intuitive applications driven by SAP HANA’s Predictive Analytics to help you get accurate predictions about future possibilities.

Annual Maintenance & Support Services

Structuring personalized SAP HANA management and support models

Value Propositions to Customize SAP HANA Support Services

Whether you want to hire the best SAP vendor or SAP consultancy provider for product enhancement, migration, customizations, training, or health checks, Antixx TechHub is the best choice you can trust for its competency. Over the years, Antixx TechHub has become a single-stop vendor to outsource reasonably-priced objective-oriented SAP HANA service support and task-oriented solutions. We have the best SAP HANA certified skills to deliver the quality best SAP products integration service support. The approach of our SAP HANA engineers ensures the best value proposition:

The best-in-class offshore service support model

Agility to perform and deliver at 100% customer satisfaction level

Certified applications support resources

Transparent and predictable SAP HANA integration costing

Sustainable operations at zero risk level

Expertise to understand the particular requirements of medium to large size businesses

SAP HANA Support Services

Why You Should Trust SAP HANA: Reviews And Rating

Over GetApp, SAP S/4HANA Cloud gets 4.3/5 rating with 87% positive reviews. According to TrustRadius, most of the SAP HANA features get over 8/10 rating by users. There is a strong global community always available to help you find answers. Demo version of SAP HANA will be a great help for you decide about embracing this next generation ERP software. Free trial of SAP HANA is available. Setup fee is required for entry-level setup. As the best-performing SAP channel partner, Antixx TechHub offers customer-friendly SAP HANA support service 24/7.

FAQs for SAP HANA Configuration and Consulting Support Services Antixx TechHub

Q1. What are the SAP S/4HANA products designed to improve performance in different business management areas? SAP S/4HANA Research & Development, SAP S/4HANA Manufacturing, SAP S/4HANA Supply Chain, SAP S/4HANA Sourcing and Procurement,  SAP S/4HANA Service, SAP S/4HANA Finance, SAP S/4HANA Human Resources, SAP S/4HANA Sales, SAP S/4HANA Asset Management are the major SAP S/4HANA products Q2. How SAP HANA implementation improves the performance of manufacturing and supply chain management? SAP Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence (SAP MII) optionally help manufacturing businesses to manage communication with integrated SAP Plant Connectivity. It automates staging tasks as soon as there seems a free capacity in the production supply area by sending a notification to SAP Manufacturing Execution and SAP Digital Manufacturing Cloud that informs about the starting of the assembly process. Q3. What are the common uses of SAP S/4HANA integration? Businesses use SAP S/4HANA solutions to optimize and manage business functions like finance, procurement, sales, human resources, manufacturing, and service by having real-time data-driven information Q4. Why businesses are migrating from SAP HANA to S4/HANA? There are four major reasons because of which the increasing numbers of businesses are migrating their SAP HANA oriented operations to S4/HANA- • SAP S/4HANA is an advanced SAP Business Suite • S/4 HANA database is faster than the previous versions of SAP HANA • S/4 HANA is an logical ERP • The interface of S/4 HANA is more user-friendly Q5. What is the difference between SAP HANA and S4 HANA? SAP HANA is an in-memory database technology designed to manage transactions and analytics over the SAP landscape. Originally designed as a data warehouse, it made several advances to become all-in-one data platform with capabilities to manage applications, analytical, and transactional development. S4 HANA is an advanced business suite designed as the next-generation ERP to run on the HANA database.

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