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Antixx TechHub, the leading ITSM agency , provides comprehensive AWS Serverless Computing solutions with dependable support of AWS Serverless Computing consultancy , training, and support services. As a performing AWS channel partner, Antixx TechHub has the best AWS specialists to configure AWS Serverless Computing managed services

What is AWS Serverless Computing?

AWS Serverless is a cloud-computing model that has various built-in AWS functions. AWS enables to run code, manage data, and integrating applications without managing servers. AWS Serverless technology features built-in high availability, automatic scaling, and pay-for-use billing model like facilities to increase agility and reduce operational costs. Integration of AWS Serverless technology eliminates many infrastructure management and backend tasks that keep AWS professionals involved sparing less time to let them focus on other valuable tasks.

AWS Serverless Computing managed services

What are the Tasks Managed by AWS Serverless Computing?

AWS Serverless architecture doesn’t represent the idea of processing applications and workloads without servers but it means hassle-free management of servers by AWS - a Cloud Provider. The applications and workload run-on servers but AWS manages servers. Migration to serverless technology frees you from complex time-consuming tasks of scaling, provisioning, and maintaining servers. It frees you from several responsibilities by shifting the data processing and data management load to AWS. The top task managed by AWS serverless computing are:

What are the Tasks Managed by AWS Serverless Computing

Data store with Amazon S3

Compute with AWS Lambda

Data stored with Amazon DyanmoDB

Application integration with Amazon SNS

API proxy with Amazon API Gateway

Analytics with Amazon Kinesis

Orchestration with AWS Step Functions

Developer tools and services

Security & access control with Access Management & AWS Identity

AWS Services that Help You Build & Run Serverless Applications & Services

AWS, the leader in cloud computing provides a number of services in one place to make AWS Serverless Computing feasible for every size business. The prominent eight AWS serverless services that help you build and run serverless applications are:

AWS Fargate

It runs containers on its own without involving you because you do not need to manually manage virtual machines or choose a service type.

AWS Lambda

The event-driven charge system facilitates you to pay for that you use. AWS Lambda takes care of the entire infrastructure management directed by code written by AWS developers.

Amazon Aurora

Fully compatible with MySQL and PostgreSQL, the relational database stores data in columns, rows, and tables.

AWS DynamoDB

A NoSQL database service, hosted by AWS, provides data encryption to protect sensitive data. The AWS Management Console allows you to analyze traffic and expenses. You can retrieve stored data at any time.

AWS Services that Help You Build & Run Serverless Applications & Services

AWS CloudWatch

It tracks and analyzes the performance of AWS services and issues notifications at its own.

Amazon SNS

It ensures easy and safe message delivery. It allows choosing notification type from many options: email, SMS, mobile push notifications, AWS Lambda, HTTP, Amazon SQS, etc.

Amazon QuickSight

It analyzes and visualizes different types of data the provided insights are made available in a single dashboard that can be accessed from any device and network.


It is used to protect users’ data and privacy by creating customer master keys protected by hardware security.

Key Benefits of AWS Serverless Computing

Being the top-performing authorized AWS channel partner , we have the best skills to derive cost-effective solutions for AWS Serverless Computing integration , implementation, and configuration. We provide comprehensive AWS Serverless Computing support services in various forms like AWS Serverless Computing consultancy, AWS Serverless Computing training , and AWS Serverless Computing solutions. Our certified AWS Serverless Computing specialists ensure all the key benefits to justify ROI:

Less Engagement

No attention is required for server installation and maintenance.

Improved Flexibility & Monitoring

App implementation in a serverless environment is easier than the traditional method it empowers for faster innovation application can be divided into microservices and deployed on serverless architecture to get immediate results.

Improved Efficiency

You only for the servers that are used.

Improved Latency

The serverless architecture provides access on a global scale therefore, it curbs low latency issues.

Serverless is Event-Based

In the event-based system, each subpart of an application is independent therefore, failure at any stage will impact only the particular event.

Faster Deployment

The absence of the need for infrastructure construction helps you rapidly deploy apps.

Improved Scalability

You can easily accommodate required changes in server capacity in line with growth and load increments instead of investing just from the start of service.

Greener Hosting & Computing

You save a lot on the account of energy that you need to keep the on-premises servers active 24x7. AWS Serverless Computing allows you to buy servers as per demand.

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AWS Serverless Computing Services We Provide

As an AWS Serverless Computing vendor , we are providing AWS Serverless Computing consulting , training, solutions, and support services over the years; during the journey, we have helped a number of businesses to embrace ‘Serverless Computing’ with a seamless shift from legacy system. Our AWS Serverless Computing consultants provide a smooth roadmap to transform your hosting experience. The in-house AWS Serverless Computing experts have proven proficiency in devising the best budget-fit solutions in line with specific requirements:

AWS Serverless Computing vendor

AWS Lambda Development (Build AWS lambda functions with Python, NodeJS, or Java and integrate these with AWS services)

AWS Amplify Development (Front-end web and mobile app development on AWS quickly)

Cognito Development (Manage and synchronize app data across the mobile devices of users)

Custom Serverless Application Development (Build task-specific applications and resolve app-related problems)

Serverless Backend as a Service (Build user-friendly serverless backend using best matched technologies)

Serverless Data Integration (Connect users to the data available on cloud platforms)

Serverless API Development (Ensure the finest API delivery meeting the business requirements)

Serverless Cloud Integrations (Integrate your apps with Google+, Twitter, Facebook, and other platforms for enhanced engagement of users)

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