ServiceNow Knowledge Management

ServiceNow Knowledge Management

The leading ITSM company, Antixx TechHub has years of experience in providing custom-to-need ServiceNow Knowledge Management consultancy, training, solutions, and support services to help organizations continually improve customer satisfaction and productivity by integrating a streamlined automated knowledge-sharing system.

ServiceNow Knowledge Management consultancy
ServiceNow Knowledge Management

What is ServiceNow Knowledge Management?

The ServiceNow Knowledge Management (KM) facilitates organizations to share information through knowledge bases. These knowledge bases comprise articles created to provide valuable information for troubleshooting, task resolution, and self-help. Knowledge Management integration enables creating, reviewing, categorizing, and approval of objective-oriented user-friendly articles. Users have any time access to search and browse articles and to provide feedback from any device. Separate workflows are used for retiring old articles and publishing new articles. The separate access controls can be configured to manage the permissions for reading and contributing. Team managers can use different knowledge bases to support multiple groups of users. Each article existing in a knowledge base can be managed by one or more knowledge managers.

Top Twelve Servicenow Knowledge Management Features

One of the top ServiceNow Knowledge Management support service providers, we have the best ServiceNow certified experts to optimize Servicenow Knowledge Management features’ selection, integration, implementation, and configuration. The key 12 features of ServiceNow IT Asset Management that encourage businesses to embrace the automated management excellence of ServiceNow are:

Microsoft Word authoring

Microsoft Word Online integration ensures a familiar writing experience.

KCS v6 verified

Ensures the latest standards in all the implied practices.

Knowledge demand insights

The machine learning capabilities automatically monitor, identify, and visualize unnoticed knowledge gaps.

Feedback management

Helps organizations to act on the feedback shared by customers and users through a closed-loop process.

In-context creation

Allows getting knowledge articles to simplify the management of cases and incidents.

Knowledge harvesting

Enables to create solutions from the analysis of conversations with communities engaged with knowledge articles.

Knowledge blocks

Allows creating reusable content blocks of knowledge articles to improve productivity and reduce redundancy.

Analytics and dashboards

Helps to optimize processes and content by automated monitoring of knowledge base usage, content aging, feedback, timelines, and gaps.


Allows notifying users about modified or new content added to knowledge bases.

Translation management

Allows to identify missing translations assigning tasks automatically, and integration with third-party tools.

Group ownership

Allows assigning articles to different teams for managing relevant feedback and quality improvement.

AI search

Helps organizations to provide relevant and personalized results ensuring the best search experience.

Benefits of ServiceNow Knowledge Management We Ensure

Being a # 1 ServiceNow Knowledge Management vendor with proven specialization in providing ServiceNow Knowledge Management consultancy, training, solutions, and support services, we have a dependable team of certified ServiceNow specialists who analyzed your business processes and requirements by the depth to ensure the best-justified ROI in terms of benefits like:

certified ServiceNow specialists
Improved user satisfaction

Helps you improve the self-service experience by providing consistent resolutions for employees and customers.

Improve customer retention

Helps you to improve customer retention by answering their queries promptly and relevantly.

Increased and improved support for knowledge sharing

Empowers agents for creating new task-specific articles to provide optimized community solutions.

Continuous improvement

Helps you identify knowledge gaps and fill the gaps by developing new content in line with data-driven insights about usage, trends, and governance.

Improved customer support at a reduced cost

24/7 availability of knowledge base allows numbers of customers and users to resolve their issues at own making them free from issues like different time zones.

Proactive management of customers’ problems

Feedback and insights guide you to update knowledge base (before it could harm your brand image) for proactive management of customers’ problems.

Reduced phone calls

regularly updated knowledge base reduces phone calls hence the opportunity to reduce support team size. The well-organized knowledge base with enhanced usability developed by created categories and subcategories help your customers find their answers online.

Established authority in your niche

Online authority increases sales opportunities because search engines prioritize websites having high authority and brand recognition respected by large audience including customers and competitors.

Servicenow Knowledge Management Roles

When you choose Antixx TechHub for ServiceNow Knowledge Management implementation and configuration to strengthen self-help services as has become a must-have for organizations, you can be sure of getting the best ServiceNow Knowledge Management consulting and training in addition to customized solutions. We help the concerned members to embrace Knowledge Management excellence in assigned roles like:

Knowledge Manager

Responsible to perform administrative functions like pinning important articles, defining categories, and approving changes to existing articles.

Knowledge Coach

Responsible for coaching teams to apply the best practices as well as to conduct AQI surveys on articles in addition to writing, editing and reviewing existing articles.

KCS Contributor

Responsible for creating or validating knowledge articles in the particular product areas without requiring approval by a knowledge coach.

Knowledge Admin

Responsible to perform administrative tasks related to maintain the Knowledge Management system.


Responsible for contribution to a default knowledge base with access to the Knowledge application menu.

Knowledge Domain Expert

Responsible for conducting AQI surveys and tracking knowledge base quality.

Knowledge Group Manager

Responsible for adding and removing members in the ownership groups being managed by them. Knowledge group managers get feedback tasks by default with freedom to reassign these tasks to other group members.

Twelve Plugins of ServiceNow Knowledge Management

As a leading ServiceNow channel partner with expertise in ServiceNow Knowledge Management configuration and consultancy, we have proven capabilities to extreme the benefits of Knowledge Management implementation. Our ServiceNow professionals integrate all the required plugins that allow you access to additional Knowledge Management features. The key ServiceNow Knowledge Management plugins are:

Knowledge Management Advanced (Version control & subscriptions)

Knowledge Management Advanced Installer (Validates knowledge articles and bases)

Knowledge Management Core (Activation of Knowledge-related plugins)

Knowledge Management V3 (Support to upgrade from Eureka)

Knowledge Document (Adds functionalities to Documents plugin)

Knowledge Management Wiki Support (Support to save articles in a wiki type field)

Knowledge Management - Add-in for Microsoft Word (authoring and publishing content)

Knowledge Overview (Reports provide an overview of knowledge base)

Performance Analytics (Analytics and Reporting solution)

Predictive Intelligence for Knowledge Management (Machine-learning driven capabilities)

Knowledge Management External Content Integration (Stores a copy of external content as knowledge article)

Knowledge Blocks (Create re-usable content blocks)

Servicenow Knowledge Management Services

What We Do As Servicenow Knowledge Management Services & Solutions Provider

At Antixx TechHub, we believe in providing comprehensive support services and cost-optimized the best suitable ServiceNow Knowledge Management solutions. The years of experience, customer-centric approach, updated expertise, transparent service module, and the best-trained ServiceNow developers and architects make Antixx TechHub a trustworthy choice for ServiceNow Knowledge Management training, solutions, and support services. We provide cost-effective and results-delivering managed support for:

ServiceNow Knowledge Management Consultation
ServiceNow Knowledge Management solution development
ServiceNow Knowledge Management integration, implementation, and configuration
ServiceNow Knowledge Management training
ServiceNow Knowledge Management optimization and maintenance

To experience our expertise in Knowledge Management integration, implementation, and configuration stuffed with additional values, get in touch with our ServiceNow support team available 24x7.

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