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Offers dependable IT Staff Augmentation Services

Don’t waste time, efforts, resources for interviewing and training new candidates as well as managing large project teams. Antixx TechHub offers a dependable team of highly experienced and certified IT experts to strengthen and professionally manage your IT development and support tasks in different roles like UX and UI design, software programming, software implementation, product testing, DevOps engineering, etc.

Our competitively-priced IT expert’s augmentation services facilitate you to hire the best certified IT professionals including software developers, Scrum Masters, QA specialists, business analysts, and others. Hire the specific skill on a temporary basis that you need to bridge the expertise gap for a particular project development requirement with extended freedom to get personalized support services without stretching the budget.

Offers dependable IT Staff Augmentation Services
IT expert’s augmentation services

Benefits of Hiring Antixx TechHub – A Staff Augmentation Agency

Why do you need to hire a staff augmentation service provider to compete? Staff augmentation services act to bridge the gap between required techies and the task-specific short-term positions in software development companies. Staff augmentation allows businesses to empower their in-house teams for on the time completion of project. Staff augmentation recruitment is getting popular among IT service companies because of project-based temporary needs. The commonly experienced benefits of hiring a staff augmentation service provider include:

staff augmentation service provider

Quick access to a large, certified talent base

Cost-effectiveness as it saves training costs

More freedom to adapt to changing workload requirements

Improved operational efficiency because of filling skill and experience gaps

Continuous nurturing of the in-house team while working with augmented professionals

Better control over budget because of temporary nature of hiring

Get the Benefits of Our IT Competencies

As the leading IT staff augmentation specialists, we have the ever expanding skill pool to help you hire the best talent that you need to bridge the technical gap between available resources and required technical expertise.

Hire the best professionals with programming skills like JavaScript, JavaScript, Python, HTML, CSS, Java, SQL, NoSQ, JavaScript, Kotlin, PHP, GO, C#, iOS (Obj-C / Swift), Xamarin.

Hire the top used Data Engineering technologies technology experts with experience of using Hadoop, Amazon Redshift, Azure, Big Query, Tableau, Looker, Apache Spark, MOngoDB, Macros, etc.

Hire IT consulting experts and solutions developers with a proven specialization in top BI solutions technologies like SAP, SAS, Zoho Analytics, QlikSense, PowerBI, Kibana, etc.

Hire certified experts with project-based experience in using the most advanced technologies in different roles to complete specific tasks for IT consulting, database architecture, data science, project management, UX and UI, software testing, security, DevOps, support, and others.

Hire experienced techies to develop the best solutions for embracing the technical and operational advantages of IoT, VR (Virtual reality), AR (Augment reality), AI (Artificial intelligence), ML (Machine learning), Blockchain, computer vision, data science/analytics, business automation solutions, and others.

Hire certified professionals for specific roles like Frontend Developers, Backend Developers, UI/UX Designers, Project Manager, Business Analysts, DevOps Engineers, Cloud Developers, QA & Test engineers, business process automation engineers, AI/ML Engineers, data analysts.

IT staff augmentation specialists

Explore Our Task & Technology Specific Staff Augmentation Services

Our professionals use the best tools and technologies selecting based on the particular project’s nature and specific requirements. To meet the diverse demand of staff augmentation, expanding the technical expertise by having the performance-oriented professionals with verified credentials has become an organizational culture at Antixx TechHub. We provide the techies you need for the particular domain:

Server Management

AWS, Digital Ocean, Heroku.

Mobile App Development

Flutter, React Native, iOS, Android Ionic.

Version Control

Github Bitbucket Gitlab.

Database Management

MongoDB, PostgreSQL, MySQL.

CMS Development

Wordpress, Drupal.

Testing & QA

Apache JMeter, Postman, REST, Selenium.


Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Recoding Legacy Applications

PowerBuilder, Delphi, VB, C++, COBOL.

Front-End Development

Angular, Vue.JS, React.JS.

Back-End Development

Ruby On Rails, Laravel, Node, PHP, .net, .net Core, Golang, Python.


Apacheant, Xcode, Fastlane, Gant, Gradle, Maven, Ansible, Chef Bamboo, Circleci, Hudson.

Why Choose Antixx TechHub for IT Staff Augmentation Services

Over the years, we have helped numbers of businesses to hire the best experts with the required technical expertise and experience on temporary basis. We allow you to hire professionals for short-term requirements also. Whatsoever may the role be, we have the perfect fit professional with certified credentials. By choosing Antixx TechHub as an IT staff augmentation company, you get all the expected benefits from:

Access to a vast pool of trained and experienced professionals with common or particular programming skills.

Flexibility to size the team as per project development status.

Advantages of Agile Scrum methodology.

Adoption of the latest DevOps and CI/CD practices.

Cost cutting by hiring skill specific experts on the project basis.

Faster completion by resizing the team size as per requirements.

Freedom to change the hired professional.

No compromise with performance, quality, or profitability just because of the absence of resources.

IT Staff Augmentation Services

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