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As top ITSM companies having expertise in Tableau consultancy, Tableau consultancy, training, solutions, and support services, Antixx TechHub offers cost-effective Tableau integration, Tableau integration, implementation, and configuration services with a difference to meet your diverse needs for data management and analysis securely.

What is Tableau?

Tableau is one of the most popular Business Intelligence tools used by ever-increasing numbers of Fortune 500 companies worldwide. Tableau is the globally used powerful, secure, and flexible end-to-end analytics platform for data integration and analytics through different visual patterns. The variety of Tableau products like Tableau Desktop, Tableau Prep, Tableau Server, Tableau Advanced Analytics, etc helps individuals and organizations to perform with the support of reliable and quick data analysis, visualizations, data connectivity, improved collaboration, robust data integration, and simple scalability, etc. The world’s leading analytics platform helps businesses to formulate data-driven strategies and decision-making to achieve growth goals by increasing efficiency, productivity, quality, and profitability at different operational stages.

The latest version of Tableau, released on December 14, 2022 as Tableau 2022.4, has many new features and capabilities. Our in-house Tableau specialists, Tableau specialists have gained insights into ‘what is new in Tableau 2022.4?’ and findings give you more reasons to outsource Tableau consultancy, training, solutions, and support services from an authorized Salesforce Tableau channel partner. As a leading ITSM company, we at Antixx TechHub have proven expertise in providing end-to-end Tableau solutions and Salesforce managed service support.

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Ten Tableau Features & Capabilities We Integrate as Tableau Services Providers

Being a leading Salesforce Tableau company, Antixx TechHub has the best-trained Tableau Software engineers, Tableau Software engineers to optimize Tableau integration, implementation, and configuration. The top ten Tableau features and capabilities that will make you interested to call us for Tableau consulting solutions are:

Robust Security

Tableau offers foolproof security in authentication and permission systems for data access. Users can integrate manageable security protocols to keep the data secure.

Mobile View

The mobile version of the Tableau app is also available that allows to creating a customized mobile layouts of a dashboard for different mobile devices.

Predictive Analysis and Trend Lines

Tableau’s powerful backend and dynamic frontend allow users for accurate forecasting by using trend through the drag-and-drop facility.

Advanced Visualizations

QliIn Tableau, users can make visualizations through different types of charts like Bar chart, Pie chart, Histogram, Gantt chart, Bullet chart, Motion chart, Treemap, Boxplot, and more.

Collaboration and Sharing

Tableau simplifies collaboration and sharing through visualizations, dashboards, sheets, etc. in real-time. Instant data sharing improves collaboration for quick reviews and overall analysis of insights.

Live Data and In-memory Data

Tableau connects live data sources and data extraction as in-memory data. It provides flexibility to use data from multiple data sources without restrictions. Users can establish live data connections as needed.


QThe pre-installed information on maps about cities, postal codes, administrative boundaries, etc makes the information more meaningful for the particular objectives. The available map types are Heat maps, Choropleth maps, Flow maps, Point distribution maps, etc.

Ask Data

The Ask data feature simplifies using data using searches like we conduct on Google. Users can get relevant answers by typing a query in natural language The answers are provided not only in the text format but also in visual forms.

Tableau Dashboard

Tableau Dashboard provides a complete view of data through visual objects, visualizations, text, etc. The informative dashboards present data in the form of stories, enable to adding multiple objects and views, provide a variety of formats, and enable to deploy filters. The dashboard can be copied also from one workbook to another.

Data Sources in Tableau

Tableau allows to connect multiple data sources to fetch data. The numbers of data sources like on-premise files, relational databases, spreadsheets, non-relational databases, big data, data warehouses, etc. are available on Tableau. Users can establish a secure connection between the data sources to get a combined view of data. Tableau supports a range of data connectors also like Presto, Google Analytics, MemSQL, Google Sheets, Amazon Athena, Salesforce, Cloudera, Hadoop, SQL Server, and more.

Advanced Tableau features and capabilities that our Tableau developers and architects integrate with focus optimization as per the analyzed requirements of your business are:

Tableau Mobile Salesforce SDK

New Accelerators

Qlik Sense Storage

Web authoring enhancement

Embedding API v3.4

Workbook Optimizer

Tableau Prep UI Improvement

‘PROPER()’ string function

Data blending UI upgrade

HIPAA Compliance

Virtual Connections

Credential Rotation APIs

External Assets Default Project

Why You Need To Hire Tableau Services Company: Tableau Benefits

Named as a leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for six years, Tableau is trusted for being the most powerful, secure, and flexible end-to-end analytics platform for data analytics. The global leader in business intelligence software, Tableau empowers businesses to analyze any structured data to get objective-oriented data visualizations in the forms of dashboards, charts, graphs, and reports. Tableau supports its users to understand and analyze their data for smart decision-making. As a top-performing Tableau vendor, Antixx TechHub provides Tableau integration, implementation, and configuration services to help you have the following competitive benefits:

Improved customer experience

Business intelligence helps to improve customer experience and satisfaction.

Trusted and governed data

Allows combining available internal databases with different external data sources.

Improved employee satisfaction

Enables different departments and analysts to respond to business user requests quickly as its BI capabilities provide scalable data solutions as are required.

Use of scripting languages in Tableau

It allows users to include Python or R to manage performance problems by doing complicated table calculations faster.

Faster analysis and intuitive dashboards

Heavy-duty data processing in the cloud or on-premises environment.

Data-driven business decisions

Accurate data analysis and faster reporting capabilities empower team managers for quick informed decision-making.

Data visualization

The data visualization tool supports for intricate calculations, data blending, and dash boarding to have task-specific insights in the desired format.

Increased organizational efficiency

Holistic view of all the operational activities across the organization helps leaders to identify new areas to make improvement to achieve better growth rate.

Tableau Support Services & Solutions We Provide With Excellence

Over the years, Antixx TechHub has become a preferred choice of increasing numbers of enterprises to hire Tableau Consultants having certified credentials and remarkable achievements. As a 3rd party Salesforce Tableau vendor, we provide turnkey task-specific Tableau service support for seamless Tableau integration, implementation, and configuration:

Tableau Packaged Services

Tableau Server Deployment

Role-Based Tableau License Conversion

Tableau Dashboard Development

Tableau Data Management

Tableau Performance Optimization

Tableau Go-Live Support

Tableau Support Services
Tableau Training

Why Hire Antixx TechHub for Tableau Training, Solutions, Consultancy, & Support Services

Our years of experience in providing state-of-art Tableau solutions, training, consultancy, and service support is the guiding force to serve you while ensuring the best values for trusting us. We provide consulting for all the Tableau products including Tableau Desktop, Tableau Server, and Tableau Reader through dedicated certified Tableau specialists having deep insights into Tableau functionalities. Our Tableau experts have helped numbers of businesses to make the most of the Tableau platform to address their diverse data analysis needs:

7 days a week

Immediate access to dedicated Tableau developers

Multilingual service desk

Agile Methodology for Tableau implementation and configuration

Expertise in business processes & ITSM

Single point of contact

Scalable maintenance support levels

We always try to be the best support to you as possible

Qualify your leads & recognize the value of word your customer will love you.