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Affordable SEO Audit Services by Antixx TechHub

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a commonly adopted practice by businesses to increase the traffic volume though organic searches. The numbers of businesses face performance issues in SEO because of neglecting the website parameters that secretly work to make SEO less effective for result delivering. If you too are experiencing the low output of SEO campaign despite perfect planning and execution, you definitely need SEO Audit Services. We at Antixx TechHub, a leading SEO audit company, offer results delivering website SEO audit services to help you get the best ROI for SEO.

Over the years, UX has become an important aspect to get impressive visibility in search results after Google’s ‘Google Page Experience’ update in 2021. Antixx TechHub, as being the leading SEO company in India, offers the effective SEO site checkup services taking care of all the apparent or hidden issues pertaining to UX, backlinks, content, structure, and other on-page and off-page factors.

Affordable SEO Audit Services by Antixx TechHub
Affordable SEO Audit Services by Antixx TechHub
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What is Website SEO Audit or SEO Site Checkup?

Website SEO audit, SEO health checkup, or SEO site checkup evaluates the website friendliness with target users community and search engines. Website SEO audit analyzes and reports about the on-page and off-page ranking factors. Our experienced SEO audit experts use numbers of advanced tools optimize all the website aspects to improve the visibility in organic search engine results, users’ friendliness, traffic quality, brand image, UX, leads conversions, and popularity.

What is Web Audit Score or Website SEO Check Up Score?

The website audit score denotes the website quality according to search engines’ quality guidelines. Our SEO audit specialists use advanced SEO site checkup tools to analyze on-page and off-page technical aspects contributing to website appearance in search results. The SEO audit tools scale the website quality from 0-100. The 80+ SEO audit score is considered good for optimization.

Why You Should Hire SEO Audit Specialist Company- The Benefits of SEO Audit

SEO technical audit identifies the on-page technical issues responsible for poor SEO results. SEO audit optimize the technical parameters to help search engine understand the context of your website, services/products, and beneficiaries. The top 8 benefits of technical SEO health checkup are:

Analysis and correction of on-page technical issues

Analysis and correction of performance issues

Analysis and correction of designing/development issues

Analysis competition challenges

Analysis and correction of existing backlinks

Analysis and correction of issues related to content

Analysis and correction of issues attracting Google’ ranking penalty

Analysis and correction of SEO plan

SEO technical audit
SEO audit agency

When You Should Hire Website SEO Health Check Up Company

More over 47% of website owners get a complete SEO audit agency every six months. Almost 29% of website owners go for website SEO audit check every month.
Google keeps introducing changes in ranking algorithms to improve the UX. Most of changes are rolled down secretly to let the websites suffer at SEO results. Updating SEO strategy periodically in line of the latest ranking algorithm updates is a must to retain and improve the SEO gains. SEO audit services by Antixx TechHub, the leading SEO health checkup company, keep the SEO plans delivering.

The Top 10 Ranking Factors Addressed in SEO Audit

More than 200 ranking factors decide the slot of your website in search results. SEO health check-up experts at Antixx TechHub, one of the top SEO audit companies in India, essential address following ten ranking factors related to:

Domain & Page-Level




Google’s Algorithm Updates

Off-page parameters

On-page parameters

Brand Signals




Freshness Factors

What We Do When You Hire Antixx Techhub for Website SEO Audit

As a #1 SEO audit service provider, we at Antixx TechHub plan SEO audit with the widest scope.
We follow a strategic step-to-step approach for technical site SEO checkup:

Website Code Audit

Competitor Analysis

Keyword Research

Content Analysis

On-page Technical Parameters Analysis

Off-page SEO Technical Parameters Analysis

Rank & Performance Analysis

Google Penalty Identification

UX Analysis

Backlinks Assessment

Website Analysis...

What We Do When You Hire Antixx Techhub for Website SEO Audit

As a #1 SEO audit service provider, we at Antixx TechHub plan SEO audit with the widest scope.
We follow a strategic step-to-step approach for technical site SEO checkup.

site SEO checkup
    Website Technical Analysis
    Competitor Analysis
    Keyword Research
    Rank & Performance Analysis
    Google Penalty Identification
    Content Analysis
    UX Analysis
    Backlinks Assessment
    On-page Technical Parameters Analysis
    Off-page SEO Technical Parameters Analysis
    Website Code Audit

How We do SEO Audit- The Technical Parameters Analyzed in SEO Audit

Outsourcing the best SEO check-up services from the best SEO audit company to improve SEO score is a must because of getting the worth of investment in terms of technical expertise, SEO audit perfection, adapted technology & tools, strategic approach, and experience. We stuff SEO audit packages with all the practices that are effective to manage the ranking challenges in 2023 & after:

Audit of Page Titles and Title Tags
Audit of Meta Descriptions
Audit of Website Hierarchy
Audit of Keyword Placement
Audit of Internal & External Links
Audit of Website Speed
Audit of Google Analytics/ Metrics
Audit of Bounce Rate
Audit of Off-Site SEO Parameters
Audit of UX Quality
Audit of Featured Snippets
Audit of Indexing Issues
Audit of Mobile-Friendliness
Audit of Spam Potential
SEO check-up

Website SEO Audit Tools We Use to Improve Website Ranking Competency

Strategic approach, technology, tools, and process are the key pillars of results delivering website SEO audit. Being a competent SEO checkup services agency, we have all the capabilities to justify your selection of Antixx TechHub for outsourcing website SEO audit services. The website SEO audit tools we use but not confined to are- Woorank, Semrush, Moz, Ahrefs, Google Analytics, Google Pagespeed Insights, Google Search Console, SEO Checker, Uber suggest. and others:

SEO checkup services

Why Hire Antixx TechHub for SEO Audit

By choosing Antixx TechHub as an proficient SEO audit agency, you can expect:

Competitive prices
100% Transparency
Dependable technical excellence
Data-driven SEO metrics
Widest scope of SEO audit package
Quick completion of SEO audit
Comprehensive SEO, SMO, SMM and Digital Marketing solutions

We always try to be the best support to you as possible

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