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The leading ServiceNow channel partner, we at Antixx TechHub have years of experience in providing objective-oriented ServiceNow Audit Management solutions, task-specific consultancy, and managed support services. Being the prominent ITSM solutions providers, dedicated to delivering 100% satisfaction, we facilitate our clients to hire dedicated Audit Management specialists also to expedite the process for on the time task completion.

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ServiceNow Audit Management

What is ServiceNow Audit Management?

The ServiceNow Audit Management application is a set of activities streamlined to plan audit engagements, execute engagements, and report different findings to an audit committee and executive board. Audit engagement reports assure the key stakeholders about the effectiveness of the organization's compliance and risk management strategy.

ServiceNow Audit Management version 13.0.2 provides two interfaces for Audit Management users- Classic model and Audit workspace. Advanced than Classic model, the Audit workspace model provides a single-pane view enabling auditors and audit supervisors to get deep insights into audit status, timeline, budget, and resources for engagement, control tests, and the progress of audit tasks. In short, the Audit Management application by ServiceNow provides a centralized monitoring and management process to automate the entire audit life cycle.

Why You Need to Hire ServiceNow Audit Management Services Provider

The numbers of organizations across various business sectors often face heavy fines for non-compliance it leaves them thinking with no clue whether their current approaches to compliance are not effective. Organizations need a dependable program that could make them enable to manage and internal policies, compliance regulations, improve security practices, streamline audits, and schedule remediation activities. The rising need to follow ever-changing and new regulations and guidelines makes it compulsory to embrace new initiatives to mitigate risk. The professional audit is the last step to smoothen the Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) Journey while ensuring everything is optimized well for dependable risk mitigation. Here comes the role of the ServiceNow Audit Management vendor that helps organizations to stay safe by a timely audit of GRC (Governance, Risk, and Compliance) applications like:

Business Continuity Management

Regulatory Change Management

Policy and Compliance Management

Supported integrations

Operational Resilience

Vendor Risk Management

Risk Management

Benefits of ServiceNow Audit Management Consulting & Solutions Integration

As much as governance framework development with task-oriented internal controls is imperative for organizations, auditing the effectiveness of internal controls is also important to detect and prevent errors and irregularities before these could affect the processes negatively. The customized ServiceNow Audit Management solutions ensure that there is no gap in risk mitigation whether it is a risk or fraud, information risk, investment risk, or misappropriation of assets etc. When you hire the top ServiceNow Audit Management consultancy and solutions agency, you can be sure of getting much-needed benefits like:

Better Preparation for Audits

It allows assessing auditable units before conducting an audit to improve planning and management of internal audit.

Removal of recurring findings

It helps audit managers to face reduced issues with compliance monitoring.

Increased productivity

Automated evidence collection and smart issue management reduce costs and faster the audit process by minimizing manual effort.

Improve decision-making

It simplifies the differentiation of issues and identifies priorities at an every level.
ServiceNow Audit Management Consulting

Nine Key Features of ServiceNow Audit Management

As a #1 ITSM company providing ServiceNow Audit Management managed services and solutions, Antixx TechHub has the best in-house team of ServiceNow certified specialists with years of experience in ServiceNow Audit Management integration, implementation, and configuration. The 9 key features that make ServiceNow Audit Management a globally popular choice are:

Audit project management

Allows using ‘Product Portfolio Management’ to track costs, engagement resources, and timesheets.

Audit engagement lifecycle

Allows for streamlining workflows for planning, creating, scoping, execution, and report findings.

Evidence requests

Allows for removing data-age questions, collect request evidences from frontline users, and consolidate findings for reuse.

Risk assessment

Allows to identify possible risks with auditable units to mitigate risk and to wider scope engagements.

Workflow editor

Allows for building and editing pre-built workflows for risk remediation, risk assessments, and audit engagements.

Tracking progress

Allows for tracking engagement progress and visualizing timelines using Audit Workbench.

Smart Issue Management

Allows for automating AI/ML driven response workflows to assign, group, and recommend different measures for issues management.

Persona-based workspaces

Allows viewing engagement tasks and different auditing activities with real-time role-based reports.

Test plans and work papers

Allows for testing control operations using CMDB evidence and indicators.
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Four Objectives of ServiceNow Audit Management

Our involvement as an authorized ServiceNow channel partner helps you elevate the scope of Audit Management objectives. We have the best Audit Management developers with exposure to global practices to serve all four key objectives of ServiceNow audit management:

Ensuring to identify and quantify risks
Ensuring that controls reduce the identified risks effectively
Ensuring that controls are monitored to maintain high operational effectiveness
Ensuring that any control deficiency is identified at an early stage and remediated faster

Four Audit Tasks for ServiceNow Audit Management Configuration Team

Different audit tasks are assigned to members of an audit team to test a particular process, technology, or control and provide an evidence of accuracy or lack of performance. As a leading ServiceNow Audit Management consultancy, training, solutions, and support services agency, Antixx TechHub deploys the best skills to help you optimize tasks assignment.

Activity: Tracking activities occurring during engagements
Control Test: Performing a design and/or operation test to check the effectiveness of a control
Interview: Data-gathering to corroborate audit evidence and learn about a process
Walkthrough: Establishing the reliability of an organization’s internal control over the processes
ServiceNow Audit Management consultancy
ServiceNow Audit Management consultant

Different Roles & Responsibilities for ServiceNow Audit Management

Antixx TechHub partners with clients as a top ServiceNow Audit Management consultant and solution provider to help them develop a multi-phased approach to recover value while determining business needs. We help you optimize the roles and responsibilities of stakeholders.

Audit manager: Establishing procedures and policies Monitoring engagements, Assigning audit activities,tracking engagement progress, control, control efficacy, and compliance
Auditor: Managing audit tasks and activities Monitoring reports
Audit program administrator: Configuring Audit Management application, managing audit report templates, Ensuring the performance of application integration points
External auditor: Managing Read-only access to specific records
System administrator: Administering and managing different aspects of Audit Management application

What We Offer as ServiceNow Audit Management Experts

As a top-performing ServiceNow Audit Management support services provider with a client-centric approach, we have proven expertise in providing end-to-end solutions ensuring you get a justified ROI. Our dedicated ServiceNow experts are proficient in:

ServiceNow Audit Management Administration

ServiceNow Audit Management development

ServiceNow Audit Management consulting & strategy

ServiceNow Audit Management integration, implementation, and configuration

ServiceNow Feature enhancements and upgrade

ServiceNow Audit Management health check and maintenance

ServiceNow Audit Management Experts

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