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Antixx Techhub- The Best ServiceNow Configuration Compliance Services Provider

Antixx TechHub offers customized ITAM (ServiceNow IT Asset Management) taMany organizations struggle to manage scheduled re-certification of images and conduct required compliance checks to keep their IT development, operational processes, and security measures secure against all possible vulnerabilities. They want a trustworthy way to prioritize vulnerable assets, monitor real-time deviations, and assess integrated security measures automatically and, they also want a reliable and customized system to report findings and updates faster on a real-time basis. Here comes the role of Antixx TechHub as a ServiceNow configuration and compliance management services company that offers end-to-end tailored-to-need ServiceNow Configuration Compliance solutions.

ServiceNow Configuration Compliance Services Provider
ServiceNow Configuration Compliance

What is ServiceNow Configuration Compliance?

ServiceNow Configuration Compliance is a Secure Configuration Assessment (SCA) application. It combines, segregates, and manages scan results of various integrations with configuration scanning applications like Qualys Cloud Platform. It allows prioritizing issues related to configuration compliance by using CMDB (Configuration Management Database). It can be integrated with the IT change management process for remediating non-compliant configurations.

Why You Need To Hire Servicenow Configuration Compliance

Configuration errors were responsible for almost one-third of data breaches in 2021 and are expected to cause 99 percent of all firewall breaches through 2023 ( According to the National Security Agency (NSA), Cloud misconfiguration is the biggest threat for cloud security. The 2022 IBM Security X-Force Cloud Threat Landscape report states that cloud vulnerabilities increased by almost 28% in one year. Malicious attackers always keep hunting for misconfigured configuration compliance because these act as a doorway to hack location data, financial information, passwords, phone numbers, and other exploitable valuable data. Every business is expected to follow standards, regulations, frameworks, and audit guidelines as defined by authoritative sources with increasing security threats, it is imperative that organizations must have a dependable IT Governance, Risk and Compliance (IT GRC) program here, you need to hire Antixx TechHub a Servicenow Configuration Compliance consultant and service provider.

Servicenow Configuration Compliance consultant

The Key Components of Configuration Compliance We Install

Being an authorized ServiceNow Configuration Compliance vendor with proven expertise and years of experience in ServiceNow consulting and solution development, we have the best dependable team of certified ServiceNow Configuration Compliance experts to install all the required components to leverage the benefits of outsourcing ServiceNow Configuration Compliance support services. The key components that our ServiceNow specialists integrate with ServiceNow Configuration Compliance solutions as per analyzed requirements are:

Configuration Compliance administrator
Admin Center
Action Status Automation
Activity formatter
Admin Experience Framework
Adoption Blueprint for Technology Excellence
Advanced AI Search Management Tools
Advanced Work Assignment
Work Assignment - Agent Affinity
Scheduled job
Configuration Compliance CI count
Tables Assignment Rule
Policy Configuration Test
Risk Score Rollup Calculator
State Change Approval
ServiceNow specialists

ServiceNow Configuration Compliance Service Support Offered by Antixx TechHub

Manual compliance methods often leave your business vulnerable to miss a critical regulation. The culture of policy and compliance guides businesses meet their performance and success goals by avoiding unnecessary risk. The ServiceNow certified specialists at Antixx TechHub help you embrace ServiceNow Configuration Compliance:

We have the best skills to help you identify non-compliant controls, monitor high-risk areas, and manage KRI (Key Risk Indicator), KPI (Key Performance Indicator)
We help you maximize internal audit productivity
We provide data-driven insights to help you extend ServiceNow investment to serve specific objectives
We help you leverage the benefits of ServiceNow Configuration Compliance to minimize risk exposure across the enterprise
We provide objective-oriented ServiceNow Configuration Compliance training and consulting
We provide ServiceNow Configuration Compliance consultancy to help you for better strategic planning and accurate decision-making
We provide tailored-to-need ServiceNow Configuration Compliance solutions for integration with the Secure Configuration Assessment (SCA) ecosystem

What We Offer As Servicenow Configuration Compliance Managed Support Provider

We help organizations adopt advanced patterns of workflows to maximize yield from ServiceNow Configuration Compliance solutions. Being a leading ServiceNow channel partner, Antixx TechHub has the best ServiceNow professionals to unlock enterprise performance potential to elevate the experience with ServiceNow Configuration Compliance. Our ServiceNow Configuration Compliance developers have exposure and experience in ‘Tokyo release’ integration ensuring the benefits of newly added features like:

Using a scheduled job for tracking the number of times a remediation task using a scheduled job defers

Using the Configuration Compliance dashboard to monitor data in ‘Next Experience’ framework

Canceling an approval workflow for the closed test result group

Using API-level filters to add additional filters for data ingestion

Benefits of ServiceNow Configuration Compliance Integration

ServiceNow Configuration Compliance matures your vulnerability management journey with an improved experience. ServiceNow Configuration Compliance consultancy and solution integration help you identify, prioritize, and remediate misconfigured vulnerable software at an early stage of deployment by leveraging automated triage, integrated change management, and service-aware risk scoring. Being a top ServiceNow Configuration Compliance implementation, configuration, consulting specialists, we have the best trained and experienced skills the maximize the benefits like:

Gain real-time insights to manage risk

Provide real-time insights into configuration issues that empower businesses to formulate risk-free approaches and take proactive decisions.

Drive More Efficient Response Faster

Help businesses to prioritize and respond to misconfigurations in workflows and automation.

Reduced backlogs and improved visibility

Help to centralize configuration data and remediate different tasks across teams. It also helps for issue resolution associated to workflow coordination and progress tracking.

Service catalog

Allows customizing standard offerings for particular groups or individuals.

Strengthened Vulnerability Management Program

Provide meaningful and valuable reporting insights to fine-tune integrated security practices to minimize organizational risks.

Relatively Straightforward

ServiceNow configuration deployment does not need a change to application code therefore, developers find it easy to use.

Faster remediation workflows

It helps to automatically assign test results to individuals or groups for faster remediation of issues.

Improves performance for vulnerability management

The tailored-to-need ServiceNow Configuration Compliance consulting services and solutions improve the performance of system administrators, vulnerability administrators, vulnerability managers, vulnerability analysts, compliance administrators, etc.

Automation to Secure Configuration Assessment

It automates the import of policies, tests, and authoritative sources in addition to assigning group test results for a quick resolution.

Updates about configuration issues

The Configuration Compliance dashboard keeps the users updated about any configuration issue allows associating configuration tests with a GRC policy to create and customize profiles, indicators, and controls.

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