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Antixx TechHub is providing task-oriented ServiceNow IT Service Management support services for over the years. During the journey, the company has served number of businesses to help them add value-added competencies to their IT services. Because of being a leading ServiceNow IT Service Management consulting and service provider, Antixx TechHub has the best pool of ServiceNow professionals to analyze the gaps in the existing support system, understand the needs, assess the scope of improvement, and design a smooth roadmap for ServiceNow ITSM integration.

Servicenow IT Service Management Solutions
ServiceNow IT Service Management

What is ServiceNow IT Service Management?

ServiceNow ITSM helps enterprises to manage IT services with competitive and growth advantages. ServiceNow IT Service Management is a cloud-based advanced silo-eliminating service management suite comprising of task-oriented tools. ServiceNow ITSM enables you to consolidate legacy on-premises tools on a single cloud platform to integrate data and analytics into automated workflows powered by Now Platform. IT Service Management includes planning for a successful process, task completion, delivery, management, and support of IT services using the maximum potential of resources including workforce, technology, and processes.

ServiceNow IT Service Management Features that We Customize With Perfection

ServiceNow makes it a class apart because of its native mobile capabilities and value-adding innovative, AI and ML intelligence. Antixx TechHub, being the best ServiceNow ITSM consulting and services company with years of experience in integrating customized ITSM solutions into legacy service systems of businesses, has the best talent to leverage the usage scope of ServiceNow ITSM features. Our ServiceNow ITSM experts audit the existing service support model to identify the gaps before selecting and optimizing the ServiceNow ITSM features based on reports. The key ServiceNow ITSM features that will add new competencies to your service management are:

Incident Management

Automate Ticket Routing, Ticket Prioritization, Ticket Notifications, Knowledge Base, Ticket Integration.

Service Desk

Help Desk Change, Impact Visualization, Incident Reports.

Reporting Dashboards

Omni-channel incident registering, Time Tracking.

Management Tools

Ticket Assignment.

Access & Usability

Mobile Self Service Active Directory.


Ticket Accuracy Timely Alerts.

AI-based recommendations
Embedded chatbot to solve issues 24/7
ServiceNow ITSM consulting

Benefits of Hiring ServiceNow IT Service Management Specialist Company

As the authorized 3rd party ServiceNow ITSM vendor with specialization in ServiceNow ITSM consultancy and custom integration, we have an in-house team of certified ServiceNow experts who leverage the performance–oriented benefits of ServiceNow IT Service Management implementation services. Some of the ServiceNow ITSM benefits that will boost your business growth include:

ServiceNow IT Service Management Specialist Company
Streamlined operations
Superior IT service management experience
Dependable incident reporting & scheduling
The community approach
Efficient Service level management for quick problem resolution with the power of automation
Consolidated processes & streamlined applications to save time, effort, and costs
Improved IT productivity
Real-time data-driven insight into processes and workflows

ServiceNow IT Service Management Services We Offer As # Top ServiceNow ITSM Vendor

ServiceNow ITSM solutions derived by Antixx TechHub, the top ServiceNow IT Service Management services provider, are widely known for being results-delivering, easy to embrace, and cost-effective as well. As the leading ServiceNow ITSM 3rd party vendor, we offer an array of ITSM solutions and services to drive multiple advantages that help you improve service quality remarkably to foster customer relationship, retention, and trust. Our custom-to-need ServiceNow ITSM service solutions include:

ServiceNow Incident Management

We help you restore incident affected services by implementing ServiceNow Incident Management solutions. We route the identified incidents to the appropriate resolution groups through an interactive self-service portal.

ServiceNow Problem Management

We help you minimize the negative impacts of service disruptions by implementing ServiceNow Problem Management solutions. Our ServiceNow specialists help you prevent service disruptions by root cause analysis and developing the right solution.

ServiceNow Performance Analytics

We help you get real-time insight into infrastructure performance by customizing the ‘performance analytics’ tool to anticipate the latest trends, identify scope for improvement, and detect bottlenecks responsible for poor service quality.

Reports and Dashboard Creation

We track IT service deliveries and create customized reports using the advanced reporting functionalities of ServiceNow. It helps you innovate new ways to improve service quality for enhanced customer satisfaction.

ServiceNow ITSM Deployment

Migration of existing IT services to the ServiceNow IT Service Management platform ensuring maximum benefits of its unique capabilities. Our ServiceNow experts update, upgrade, and customize your legacy applications to integrate with ServiceNow ITSM functionalities.

Service Level Management

We maximize the potential of Service Level Management (SLM) integration to document IT issues, resolve issues, track service commitments, and monitor service continuity/restoration to improve customer experience and business performance.

ServiceNow Request Management

We customize and integrate automated multi-device ServiceNow Request Management dashboard to help your IT teams to request IT services from any device and anywhere for prompt resolution of service issues.
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Pricing For Servicenow IT Service Management

ServiceNow ITSM, ITSM Professional, and ITSM Enterprise packages are powered with features like agent automation, reporting, skill-based routing, workforce optimization, etc. The pricing for Servicenow ITSM is not made upfront by the company we as the best performing ServiceNow channel partner help you get the best price deal for ServiceNow licensing and packages. The standard ServiceNow ITSM packages are ITSM, ITSM Pro, and ITSM Enterprise. ITSM Pro package has a few additional features over ITSM package like:

Dynamic Translation
Predictive Intelligence
Performance Analytics
Service Owner Workspace
Continual Improvement Management
Vendor Manager Workspace

ITSM Enterprise package has two additional features over ITSM Pro- Workforce Optimization and Process Optimization. The features including Now Mobile, Mobile Agent, Knowledge Management, Configuration Management, Reporting, Service Level Management, Benchmarks, Surveys and Assessments that are part of all the three ServiceNow ITSM packages are delivered as part of the ‘Now Platform’. We as ServiceNow ITSM consultants and services providers help you choose the best suitable ServiceNow ITSM package in line with assessment reports and your personal concerns.

FAQs for ServiceNow IT Service Management

Q1. What is the scope of the Incident Management capability of ServiceNow ITSM? The Incident Management of ServiceNow ITSM facilitates IT teams for identification, logging of relevant information about the nature of the incident, categorization & prioritization of incidents, diagnosis of the incident, investigation of incident, resolution, recovery, etc. Q2. How does Problem Management of ServiceNow ITSM help IT teams to have a seamless workflow experience? Problem Management monitors and manages the complete lifecycle of identified problems. It prevents incidents from occurring and minimizes the impact of incidents on performance. Problem Management helps IT teams to deliver better by automating proactive problem identification, problem categorization, problem diagnosis, problem resolution, problem review, problem management reporting, etc. Q3. What is covered under the ‘change management’ process of ServiceNow ITSM? The change management process of ServiceNow ITSM includes Review of change request, categorization of change request, evaluation of change, authorization  of change, coordinating for change deployment, maintaining change record, etc.   Q4. Do you provide task-specific managed service support for ServiceNow IT Service Management? Yes, get in touch with our ServiceNow experts and share your concern. They will analyze the issues and will revert with the most appropriate ServiceNow ITSM solution with an agile approach. Q5. How does Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) in ServiceNow ITSM help businesses to manage the supply chain effectively? Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) is an automated process to control, coordinate, and streamline different stages of the contract lifecycle. It helps businesses to optimize contract performances in sales and procurement. It provides insights to reduce costs and forecast revenue accurately. CLM provides metrics about the customer, vendor, and supplier performance.

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